Upcoming False Flags – Hoover Dam, Super Bowl 47, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Mt Rushmore etc


This article is not finished! I still have to add about 3x as much! I found LOADS of clues referenced by the Simpsons Doomsday Clock. Check back in in a couple days for the finished article.

I earlier speculated that there would be a false flag at the Super Bowl involving the Denver Broncos. Obviously, the Broncos did not make it this year. This article has been edited to correct this. I know that there will be a false flag at a Broncos game. Unfortunately, I don’t know when. Perhaps it will be next Super Bowl?

Within this post we will cover possible false flag terrorist attacks that will happen at the following places:

  • Super Bowl
    Broncos have a good chance of making it to the Super Bowl
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Mt Rushmore
  • Big Ben
  • 59th Street Bridge
  • Empire State building
  • Hoover Dam
  • London Underground
  • Lincoln Center
  • Air Show
  • CBS or NBC
  • Chrysler Building
  • Coliseum (Colloseum)
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Kansas City Royals baseball game

The counterfeit rapture is also depicted as I will show later.

First let’s cover some of the dreams that I have had:

Here is the first dream that I had where I was informed about the false flag at the football game. This happened back in February.

Dreams From God – False Flag Attack At A Football Game

I was alerted in a dream that there will be a false flag attack at a football game. I had been asking God if I could post an article related to the emergence of the Mahdi where I was trying to estimate the day that he would arrive. I had asked God over a period of days whether I could post it or not but he did not answer. Finally, rather than tell me whether I could post the article or not he told me in a dream that there would be a false flag attack at a football game. I woke up and scribbled “false flag at football game” down on my notebook before falling back asleep. Unfortunately I don’t remember any more details. The next night (last night) before I went to sleep and asked God if I could post an article I wrote about the Illuminati Playing Cards predicting Fukushima. In the dream, I was playing some sort of card game with two other people. The other two were using the same deck of cards but I had brought my own full deck of cards. I asked the dealer if I could use my cards. He said, “No use MY cards.” Meaning use the same deck that the dealer and the other person were using. I immediately woke up. I heard the song “God Bless America” playing in my head. This seemed to imply that he was referring to the false flag attack on American soil during the football game.  Concerning the game of cards, I took this to mean that rather than paying so much attention to the Illuminati Playing Cards, he would rather have me just write about the false flag terrorist attack at the football game that he had told me about the night before.

After this, I had another dream where I was informed that there would be a false flag at a Broncos Game. I also was informed about the scapegoat who may be blamed for it. The person who was setting up the explosives, within this dream, was somebody that I knew. The guy is a good guy and I could never see him doing something like this. Perhaps, God could have used this person figuratively, as if to say that they would blame it on a patsy. For those who are unaware, I have been told in several dreams that I am John the Baptist. I believe that the elites are going to try and discredit me. I live in Denver. I think the reason why the Aurora shootings and Columbine shootings happened here is to preemptively attack my claim. I think they may try to present the idea that I am mind-controlled. Perhaps this person that I know will be associated with the false flag in an attempt to discredit me.

Anyway, here is the dream:

The Dream: Me and my brother were trying to find evidence for when and where these false flag terrorist attacks would happen. Eventually somehow we figured out that they would happen at a Denver Broncos game. Within the dream, someone close to the family, who is a very good guy, was setting up some sort of a bomb or explosive. He was being coached and directed by someone else. I get the impression that this strange man was some sort of government type. I took this to mean that the person who was coaching him was the real mastermind. This person that I know was just the patsy. I have a hard time believing that this person could ever do something like this. He has been having a very bad time lately. (Drug, mental health, relationship problems), but I still do not thing he would willingly cooperate with anything like that. Perhaps that he was just used to figuratively represent the real patsy of these attacks? Maybe God does not intend for me to think that he will actually be the one blamed. I’m not sure. Regardless, just in case he will be set up as the patsy. The man’s name is Eric J T (The JT are his middle and last initials).

I also had a dream about some sort of false flag virus / pandemic that will happen very soon.

The Illuminati playing card combined disasters will soon come into effect.

january 21 february 3rd december 23Combined disasters illuminati playing card

Notice that the clock says 11:12. 11 + 12 = 23.

Let’s look at some evidence of foreknowledge concerning these upcoming false flags. Readers of this blog by now are familiar with most of the info covered in this next section but should probably skim through because I cover additional information. Make sure you don’t assume that all of the info that I am bringing forth I have covered already. Roughly 80% of this is new thanks to solving a recently discovered Doomsday Clock puzzle.

Black Sunday:

Plot summary provided by IMDB:

An Israeli anti-terrorist agent must stop a disgruntled Vietnam vet cooperating in a plot to commit a terrorist plot at the Super Bowl.

This film depicts a helicopter being shot down. As I will show later this helicopter will become very relevant by the time you are done reading this article.

helicopter black sunday false flag superbowl football game

helicopter black sunday false flag superbowl football game

This film centers around terrorists using a blimp to bomb the Superbowl.

black sunday bomb on the blimp false flag terrorist attack superbowl denver broncos game

Note that this film depicts a terrorist attack at the Super bowl. I am unsure if the upcoming false flag at the Denver Broncos game will happen at the Super bowl on February 3rd or the game against the Cleveland Browns on December 23 at the Sports Authority stadium in Denver.

Sum of all Fears:

Plot summary provided by IMDB:

CIA analyst Jack Ryan must thwart the plans of a terrorist faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia’s newly elected president by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore.

football game The Sum Of All Fears False Flag Helicopter

Batman: Dark Knight Rises

Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham’s finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

football game Dark Knight Rises False Flag Football Stadium

Interestingly enough, the Pittsburgh Steelers were used to film the above scene.

Steelers False Flag Terrorist Attack

The Steelers’ first game of the season was against the Denver Broncos. This game was played in Denver at the Sports Authority Stadium (Mile High) on 9/9. As I will soon show the number 9 comes up over and over again as we analyze the evidence. It is a clue which helps us to link relevant pieces of information together.

Within “The Dark Knight Rises” we find another hint. Morgan Freeman’s character says that they have 23 days until the nuclear bomb goes off. Perhaps this is indicating the date that these false flag attacks will happen: 12/23/12 or 2/3?

Morgan Freeman 23 days Dark Knight Rises

Notice that a subliminal message was shown in a Big Brother Australia commercial. Note that the Big Brother symbol is the all-seeing eye.

Big Brother False Flag Denver Colorado Football Game

During a couple frames spliced within the commercial, a depiction of a bombed out stadium was shown.

9/9 denver, September 9 denver, big brother false flag, big brother stadium, big brother bombed stadium, stadium holden colorado, stadium false flag, denver broncos false flag, denver false flag, mile high stadium false flag, denver inside job

Here’s the smoking gun. A later Australian commercial depicted the same bombed out stadium. This commercial depicted the all-new Holden Colorado which had just gone on sale. Here is one of the first frames.

holden colorado false flag, holden colorado, holden colorado broncos false flag, holden colorado denver false flag, denver false flag, football game false flag, broncos false flag, stadium false flag, September 9 false flag, september 9 false flag denver, 9/9 false flag, 9/9 false flag broncos game, 9/9 steelers false flag,

The car was being driven through the bombed out stadium.

Within this commercial, a man is saying:

Their time is done. Its over! It’s your time!

It seems that a clue about where a next false flag will happen is embedded within the name of the car: Holden Colorado.

Note that the Aurora shootings just happened in Colorado. James Holmes shot up a theater premiering the Dark Knight Rises.

James Holmes false flag

The Dark Knight Rises shootings were also alluded to on the Al Marja Illuminati Playing Card. The watch on the man’s hand shows the time of 12:05. The Dark Knight Rises premiered on July 20th at exactly 12:05. This indicates that other Illuminati Playing Card may help us find clues to the timing of future false flag events.

Century 16 theater Aurora 12:05 James Holmes Shootings

Notice that the Aurora false flag happened at the Century 16 theater. A century is 100 years long. Therefore, we find that number 116.

Century 16 theater false flag james holmes 116 911

Halo 4 was also released on 11/6 FIX***

Returning back to James Holmes, as you can see Holmes and Colorado are linked to the Dark Knight Rises which, itself, is linked to a false flag at a football game as we showed earlier.

football game Dark Knight Rises False Flag Football Stadium

We covered the Aurora shooting in detail in our article titled “The Illuminati wants us to know that the Aurora shootings was a false flag”.

The Aurora massacre was also alluded to in Obraz Everybodygonnadie video:

Aurora False Flag Obraz Everybodygonnadie

Remember this image because it will become relevant in another way later.

Now let’s cover some information relating to the 2012 London Olympics.

Terrorist drills were what helped conspiracy theorists arrive at the conclusion the 9/11 attacks were false flags. We find something similar relating to the Olympics.

Emergency services stage massive Tube terror attack drill in preparation for London Olympics

Stunned passengers staggered from the underground today in an eerie reminder of the July 7 bombings.

Luckily, the scary scenes were all just part of a security drill, as London’s emergency services prepare their security measures in advance of the London 2012 Games.

Emergency services swarmed on the disused Aldwych station, a stone’s throw from central London’s Royal Courts of Justice, to deal with would-be casualties in the mocked up terror attack on the transport network.

Office workers and passers-by could see the evacuation which marked the kick off of a two-day security test dubbed Forward Defensive.

Another story from the Huffington Post:

London 2012: Mock Olympic Terror Attack Staged At Disused Tube Station

A mocked-up terror attack on the London Underground is being staged today as part of a massive exercise to test security for the 2012 Games.

The exercise is to test the response to a terrorist incident on the London Underground network during the Olympics.

Other stories help give credence to the idea that there will be false flag terrorist attacks that are someway connected to the Olympics.

Olympic Armageddon: How terrorists could send nuclear bomb up the Thames to target London 2012 Games

This week, Security Minister Lord West warned there was a real danger that Al Qaeda terrorists could use a boat to transport a ‘dirty’ nuclear bomb up the Thames and detonate it in the heart of London. Here, top thriller writer TOM CAIN, whose most recent novel is about a terrifying Al Qaeda attack on London, imagines the unthinkable…

 Nuclear terror risk to Britain from al-Qaeda

Bomb makers who have been active in Afghanistan may already have the ability to produce a “dirty bomb” using knowledge acquired over the internet.

It is feared that terrorists could transport an improvised nuclear device up the Thames and detonate it in the heart of London. Bristol, Liverpool Newcastle, Glasgow and Belfast are also thought to be vulnerable.

The BBC television show Spooks: Code 9 depicts a nuclear bomb terrorist attack at the opening ceremony of the Olympics Games.

Silverstein’s 9-11 Partner Owns Olympics Gateway.

The BBC-3 serial drama “Spooks: Code 9″, leaked classified information about a terrorist atrocity  on August 10th 2008.

One of the MI-5 agents in the series explained the term “Code 9″ – “A nuclear attack on London. In bomb terms, the blast was relatively small – but the death toll wasn’t. Over one hundred thousand (100,000) incinerated and many more given a death sentence by radiation”.

A 2012 Adidas London Olympics commercial called “Take the Stage” features a girl with the London Underground tattooed on her stomach:

adidas commercial 2012 london underground false flag olympics

The video is full of Satanic symbolism:

london olympics adidas commercial satanic symbolism

At one point, the rapper says “time bomb tick tick” just when a clip of David Beckham reading a newspaper is shown. The newspaper features an article about Hackney Marshes:

london olympics hackney marshes false flag

Hack attack is a reference to Hackney Marshes:

hackney marshes false flag terrorist attack london underground

The two London Olympics mascots are named Wenlock and Mandeville. These are streets near the Hackney Marshes:

hackney marshes false flag terrorist attack london underground

hackney marshes false flag terrorist attack london underground

The Hackney Marshes are also right near the Stratford tube station:

hackney marshes london underground false flag terrorist attack

london underground hackney false flag

false flag terrorist attack Hacknet marshes london underground

The movie 2012 also makes a reference to the London Underground:

london underground 2012 movie false flag

The Adidas commercial then references the Turnpike Lane:

tube station false flag

london underground turnpike lane tube station

We then see a reference to George Orwell’s 1984:

1984 adidas london commercial olympics

The new James Bond movie Skyfall also references the upcoming false flags at the London Underground:

Skyfall was released on 11/9. Which is a significant date because it is 9/11 reversed. The movie alludes to upcoming false flag terrorist attacks:

Early within this movie, Wolf Blitzer is speaking on television and states that a cyber terrorist attack was responsible for the deaths of 6 people.

Skyfall False Flag Terrorist Attack Cyber Computer Hacker

Wolf Blitzer: “…now what appears to be a major terrorist attack in the heart of London, no one has yet claimed responsibility for what sources are calling a possible cyber terrorist assault on the British Secret Service, early reports from the scene indicates at least 6 dead, many more injured, with victims being evacuated to nearby hospitals within minutes of the explosion.”

After hacking into the villains computer, James Bond finds a map of the London Underground:

london underground skyfall false flag

James Bond then tracks the villain to the London Underground.

skyfall london underground false flag terrorist attack

skyfall london underground false flag terrorist attack bomb

Within the subway system, a surveillance camera depicts the number 21. I’m not sure if this is relevant but I decided to post it regardless:

january 21 london underground 1/21 false flag

A bomb destroys part of the tube system:

skyfall london underground false flag explosion bombed terrorist attack

skyfall london underground false flag explosion bombed terrorist attack

Also within Skyfall is a very interesting connection involving the Aurora shooting and Obraz Everybodygonnadie video. After receiving his equipment from Q, Q tells James to “return the equipment in one piece”. James respond by saying “Brave New World”. This is an allusion to Aldous Huxley’s book. skyfall james bond

The scene immediately following depicts Shanghai. Look at what we find…

James Bond – Skyfall

skyfall james bond obraz everybody gonna die aurora shooting

Obraz – Everybodysgonnadie

skyfall james bond obraz everybody gonna die aurora shooting

More evidence is found within the Olympics advertisement “Out Of A Rainbow”.

Rainbow Symolism Olympics False Flag

The two Illuminati Olympics mascots are brought to life by this rainbow.

Illuminati Olympics Mascots Rainbow Symbolism

The narrator states “Then suddenly, the rainbow is back. Wenlock and Mandeville know that it’s time to go, there journey is just beginning. So many adventures to have…” At the end of the advertisement, they venture off, upon the rainbow, to destination unknown . What kind of adventures will these Illuminati mascots be having. Let’s follow the rainbow for more clues…

Olympics False Flag Rainbow Symbolism

The rainbow takes us to Ke$ha’s music video “Blow”.

Rainbow Symbolism Ke$ha False Flag

The lyrics are as follows:

Tonight were taking over
No one’s getting out

This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to blow

Ke$ha is a well-known member of the Illuminati.ke$ha Illuminati member

What place is going to blow Ke$ha? Let’s follow the rainbow.

The rainbow takes us to the Stratford London Underground tube station right near Hackney Marshes!

stratford station rainbow symbolism false flag london underground

hackney marshes london underground false flag terrorist attack

The rainbow leads us to Denver International Airport. This implies that some of the upcoming false flags will happen in Colorado.

rainbow DIA Denver International Airport symbolism false flag

DIA new world order rainbow symbolism

These Murals depict the rising of the New World Order.

Denver International Airport New World Order

Now let’s cover the Simpsons. As many are aware, the Simpsons accurately predicted 9/11:

Simpsons Predicted 9/11 False Flag Terrorist Attacks

The vast amount of information that I have found here I learned from decoding the Simpsons Doomsday Clock.

This clock is found in “To Surveil With Love” (S21E20). Before I cover the clock, let’s look at the other pieces of relevant Illuminati symbolism found within this episode:

The episode starts with Lisa singing Tik Tok by Ke$ha. As mentioned earlier, we earlier linked Ke$ha to the upcoming false flags by her other song “Blow”. The fact that this episode opens with a Ke$ha song cannot be a coincidence. Especially when one considers that the song is Tik Tok, an allusion to some sort of a countdown:

Why does this episode feature Tik Tok by Ke$ha? Because Tik Tok is an indication that this episode will countdown to the upcoming false flag terrorist attacks. This episode starts the countdown to the next false flag.


Don’t stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, Im’ma fight
Till we see the sunlight
TiK ToK, on the clock
But the party don’t stop no

Simpsons Tik Tok Ke$ha False Flag September 23 116

Remember it was Ke$ha’s music video “Blow” that provided us with other information that some of these attacks would happen in Colorado.

Ke$ha rainbow symbolism blow

Plot synopsis from Simpsonsonlineus.com:

A bomb squad mistakenly blows up Homer’s unattended gym bag, releasing radiation into the city and authorities react by suspending civil liberties. Wiggum and his men install surveillance cameras around Springfield and round up suspected terrorists, including groundskeeper Willie, but when monitoring the nonstop flow of video imagery proves to be too much, Wiggum enlists concerned citizens to help keep the city safe. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes fed up with being blond, so she dyes her hair a dark color

Note that the hands point to 11 and 6. These are the numbers that are found with the Aurora shootings and Halo 4. Obviously 116 is 911 flipped and reversed. 116 upside down is 119 which is when Skyfall was released.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag Terrorist Attack September 23 9/23

Take note of all of the Illuminati symbolism within this episode. Notice that a huge Illuminati eye is staring at Big Ben.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock Big Ben False Flag September 23 9/23

More symbolism found within this episode:

The truck is called Orwell security and depicts the number 1984:

To Surveil With Love Illuminati Symbolism

Illuminati Symbolism To Surveil With Love False Flag

Illuminati Symbolism Simpsons False Flag

Bart refers to the dollar bill folded into a pyramid as Satan’s triangle:

Illuminati Pyramid Surveil With Love

Embedded within this episode is an additional clue which will help us link back to this episode when we unlock the next episode in sequence.

When Marge is surveiling the citizens of Springfield, she states that “this is probably not the best place for Maggie to hang out. That’s not sesame street it’s a gay bar”. This will become relevant later.

simpsons false flag

At the end of this episode, the song “Get Ready For This” is played during the closing credits.

End Credits Simpsons

“Get Ready For This” is commonly played during sports games. This indicates that the “Simpson’s Doomsday Clock”, within this episode, counts down to an upcoming false flag at a sports game.

Get Ready For This Song

Finally let’s cover the Doomsday Clock itself. Within this episode, Smithers puts a piece of radioactive material in Homer’s bag. This implies that the upcoming false flag at the sports game will involve a nuclear / dirty bomb attack.

Simpsons To Surveil With Love Dirty Bomb False Flag Denver Colorado Broncos Houston Texans

Later, at a train station (this may be the location of another upcoming false flag as I will show later), a woman sees that Homer’s bag is unattended. Suspecting a possible terrorist attack, she causes a big commotion and the bomb squad is called in.

Dirty Bomb Denver Colorado Simpsons

Simpsons Surveil With Love False Flag

Upon seeing the bag, the bomb squad decides to blow it up. They begins a countdown. “5..4… no time for a full countdown”.  5+4 = 9. Here we find another allusion to the number 9.

Simpsons False Flag Denver Broncos Football Surveil With Love

A clock from the train station is blown into the Simpsons’ yard.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag Terrorist Attack September 23 9/23

Notice that two of the minutes are twice as long as they should be. We’ll discuss this soon. What are we to make of this 116 number within this episode?

The Doomsday Clock is also providing us clues that lead to other episodes which give us more details about these upcoming false flag attacks. Since the Doomsday Clock points to 11 and 6, let’s try to find the next episode that falls on this date.

The next episode which falls on this date is called “Flaming Moe” (S22E11). It was aired on 1/16/11.

Plot synopsis provided by Wtso.net

When Smithers transforms Moe’s pub into a refined and trendy lounge, the establishment becomes Springfield’s local gay hangout; Principal Skinner falls for the new, free-spirited music teacher (Kristen Wiig)

As you can see, this episode features Moe turning the bar into a gay bar. Remember how the previous episode depicted Marge saying “that’s not sesame street that’s a gay bar”. That’s the clue which helps link these two episodes together so we know we are on the right track.

simpsons false flag

I made a post a while back where I was informed, in a dream, to watch an episode that had a similar storyline to one that had been aired previously. The only other clues that were given to me, within this dream, involved Homer and alcohol. Also Lenny was saying “nextiles” over and over again. (I now believe that God was alluding to two episodes. The nextiles clue was indicating an episode that had not aired yet called Moonshine River – S24E01. Within this episode, I found other clues about the upcoming false flags. I will cover this later)

Anyways, concerning the clues about Homer and alcohol, I thought that it was a reference to the Beer Baron episode. At the time, I did not know about the Simpsons Doomsday Clock so unfortunately did not find this episode (Flaming Moe) until I started trying to solve the Doomsday Clock. Now that I have found it, the clue about the episode featuring a storyline that had been done before made sense. Within this episode Moe turns the tavern into a bar for gays. In several previous episodes, Moe had changed the bar to appeal to different groups.

The opening scene of this episode depicts Burns flying in an airplane. This airplane will help us link together numerous other clues. As I will shortly show, clues are provided in the opening sequences which help us know that we are on the right track.

Simpsons Flaming Moe Introduction S22E10

Early in this episode, we find another reference to the number 9.

number 9 flaming moe simpsons episode S22E11

These references to the number 9 are allusions to Spooks Code:9, which depicts a nuclear terrorist attack.

Spooks: Code 9 false flag nuclear terrorist attack September 23 9/23

Later within this episode, the music teacher’s boyfriend arrives and states “Tik Tok Dewey, Tanglewood beckons!” Remember how I said that clues embedded within the opening sequences are used to indicate that we are on the right track? Tik Tok was the song that Lisa was singing in the opening sequence of “To Surveil With Love” (S21E20). It was within this episode that we found the Doomsday Clock.

Simpsons Dewey

Another scene from this episode depicts Bart at an arcade. Notice the Illuminati symbolism.

simpsons illuminati symbolism

He is playing a snowboarding game and his speed is 21.

simpsons 21 false flag january 21 1/21

This Simpsons also references Skyfall. Skinner’s mother get’s angry at Seymour when she discovers a ticket stub for a James Bond film in his pocket.


Where do we go from here? What’s the next episode which falls on an 116?

The next episode which falls on an 116 is “Replaceable You”, aired on 11/6/11 (S23E04).

Plot synopsis provided by Wtso.net

Homer gets a new assistant at work (voice of Jane Lynch), who quickly replaces him. She turns out to have a sinister past. Meanwhile, Bart’s science-fair project , a mechanical seal, outclasses Lisa’s and proves to be a hit at the retirement home.

How do we know that this is the correct episode? The Doomsday Clock provides further evidence.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag Terrorist Attack September 23 9/23

Notice that two of the minutes are twice as long as they should be. This indicates that the time is really 5:53, rather than 555. What happens when we add 553 days to 5/2/10 (the date of the original airing of the  Doomsday Clock episode). We arrive at 11/6/11! Another 116! This is the date that “Replaceable You” was aired! What are the odds of that!

553 Days Calculation Simpsons Doomsday Clock

The opening sequence of this episode (Replaceable You) depicts Willie flying with a leaf blower. This will become relevant later on.

Simpsons Opening S23E04 Willie Flying leaf blower

Here’s some interesting Illuminati connections found within the opening sequence.

On the chalkboard, Bart’s writing “It’s November 6th – How Come We’re Not Airing A Halloween Show?” Why would the Simpsons writers reference the date unless it was relevant? This is a clue that we are on the right track!

Simpsons S23E04 116 November 6 9/11 Chalkboard

In this unusually long opening sequence, the Simpson’s are depicted breaking into the Smithsonian. This will become relevant later.

Smithsonian Museum Simpsons

Simpsons Smithsonian

Within the Smithsonian, we are presented with an airplane.

Doomsday Clock Simpsons False Flag Terrorist Attack Airshow 9/23

Notice that this airplane references back to the opening sequence of Flaming Moe (S22E11)! Flaming Moe was the previous episode in the sequence.

Simpsons Flaming Moe Introduction S22E10

This airplane also is a clue that leads us to several other episodes.

$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) (Episode 5:10)

Simpsons False Flag Evidence

Within this episode which satires Howard Hughes, the famous aviator, Burns becomes increasingly paranoid of germs.

The germs on Smithers face say “Freemasons run the country”.

Simpsons Freemasons Rule Control The World

The airplane also alludes to another episode titled “The Trouble With Trillions” (S9E20). This episode features Mr Burns stealing a 1 trillion dollar bill that was entrusted to him to transport.


Notice that the Eiffel Tower is referenced. A false flag will happen to it.

eiffel tower simpsons false flag evidence terrorist attack

Another allusion to the airplane is found in the episode called “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming” (S7E9).

Plot synopsis provided by Wtso.net

Sideshow Bob slips away from prison detail, steals an atomic bomb and threatens to detonate it unless the town of Springfield gives up television.

The airplane clues lead to this episode which details one of the upcoming false flags.

Simpsons False Flag Terrorist Attack At Grand Junction Colorado Airshow September 23

This episode depicts Sideshow Bob stealing a nuclear weapon which he later attempts to use to blow up an airshow. Perhaps this is indicating that one of the upcoming false flags will happen at an airshow! As I will show later, further clues imply that this, indeed, is true.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag Terrorist Attack At Colorado Blue Angels Air Show

Here’s the smoking gun! Within this episode, after Sideshow Bob steels the Wright Brothers plane, the Airforce officer states “Hell, not the Wright Brothers plane, the Smithsonian’s going to have my ass on a platter!”

Simpsons Smithsonian

This is a reference to the opening sequence of S23E04 (Replaceable You). Within this episode the Simpsons are depicted breaking into the Smithsonian. This confirms that we correctly followed the trail.

Smithsonian Museum Simpsons

This episode also features Illuminati symbolism:

illuminati symbolism simpsons illuminati symbolism simpsons

Returning back to Replaceable You (S23E04), we find more evidence of some upcoming events:

Nibiru simpsons

The arrival of Nibiru was the theme of the Everybodygonnadie video by Obraz:

obraz nibiru

obraz nibiru

There seems to be evidence of the upcoming pandemic as well:

simpsons pandemic

Where do we go from here? Since the opening sequence of Replaceable You (S23E04) features Willie flying with a leaf blower, we should look for another episode which opens in the same way. Remember, the openings act as clues that help us link together episodes in sequence. We can follow them like we do a path.

Simpsons Opening S23E20 Willie Leaf Blower

Sure enough, we find one that has the same opening. It was released 182 days, which is half of a year, after S23E04.

The Spy Who Learned me 5/6/12 (5+6 = 11) (Episode 23:20) +182 days (1+8+2 = 11) or 6 months after Replaceable You.

I an earlier post, I was told in a dream to watch this episode the day after it aired. This was long before I even heard of the Doomsday Clock.

Opening scene of “The Spy Who Learned Me”:

Simpsons Opening S23E04

During the opening couch gag scene, the Simpsons are depicted at a sports game, rather than at their usual couch.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag Terrorist Attack Denver Broncos Football Game September 23

At this point an announcer says “Raise your cards now!” Perhaps this is alluding to the Illuminati Playing Cards. Shortly after a WHISTLE is blown. This will become relevant later.

Illuminati Playing Cards Simpsons

Within the first scene a helicopter is depicted.

False Flag Helicopter Football Game Denver

This was also depicted in “Sum Of All Fears”.

The Sum Of All Fears Denver Broncos False Flag Terrorist Attack Helicopter

It was also depicted in Black Sunday:

helicopter black sunday false flag superbowl football game

The people who get off the plane are members of a nefarious organization called the “International Brotherhood of Evil”. This is a parody of the Illuminati.

Simpsons International Brotherhood Of Evil Illuminati

At a later scene Lenny states “Homer, I gotta say Marge looked pretty easy on the eyes last night and I know IEs”. This comment didn’t make any sense and was hardly funny. Rather than a joke, could this be an allusion to an upcoming false flag terrorist attack?

An IE may be referring to an Improvised Explosive.

Homer Lenny Carl

Shortly after Lenny’s strange comment, Homer also makes one. He says “Honey, it’s me again, I can’t work knowing that you’re mad at me. I just want to hear your voice. And I’m counting the minutes until the WHISTLE BLOWS, and I go to Moe’s, and I rush home to you.”

Simpsons Homer

Wow, another reference to a whistle blowing we have found in this episode. Could it be that the dirty bomb at the football game will be set off corresponding to the blowing of a whistle?

Later in this episode, Lenny makes another strange statement.

“Marge you’re a Blue Angel, and I’m not talking about the pilots that hot dog at an airshow while the real men are in combat.”

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag At Blue Angels Air show

Blue Angels are the performers who fly at sports games and airshows. As I will show later, the Blue Angels are referenced numerous other times through the Simpsons Doomsday Clock:

Blue Angels Airshow False Flag Attack Grand Junction Colorado September 23

This is a reference to the earlier episode which featured Sideshow Bob hijacking a nuke to blow up an airshow.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag Terrorist Attack At Colorado Blue Angels Air Show

Later, within this episode, Homer hits himself on the head in an attempt to bring about a concussion. In his state of delusion, he then sees “Cleatus the Football Robot”. This confirms that one of the false flags will be at a football game. Luckily, other episodes indicate just which game will be targeted. I will show this later.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock False Flag Attack Denver Broncos Vs Houston Texans Football Game

Homer’s phone is also displayed in this episode with the number 121 depicted. As I will show later, this number is when I believe that the Hoover Dam false flag will happen.

1/21 false flag simpsons

As you will soon see, Sideshow Bob is one of the ways that the Simpsons writers clue us into false flags. Check out what I found in Cape Fear (S05E02). Within this episode, the Simpsons are given a new identity to avoid being victimized by Sideshow Bob. Homer tells the man in charge of the witness protection that he wants to be John Elway:

simpsons denver broncos superbowl football game false flag

Homer imagines himself as Elway during the Superbowl.

false flag football game simpsons

This is a reference to another episode called “You Only Move Twice” (S08E02). This episode features Homer working for a terrorist known as Hank Scorpio.

hank scorpio false flag denver broncos superbowl

Hank gives Homer the Denver Broncos as a reward for loyalty.

simpsons denver broncos false flag

This episode also depicts Hank Scorpio blowing up the 59th Street Bridge in New York.

FF42 59th street bridge false flag terrorist attack simpsons 59th street bridge

The 59th Street Bridge was used in the filming of the Dark Knight Rises:

59th street bridge false flag terrorist attack 59th street bridge false flag terrorist attack 59th street bridge false flag terrorist attack

Just after blowing up the 59th Street Bridge, Hank Scorpio tells Homer to find out who invented the Hammock. I find this interesting because the Hammock was invented by the Mayans. This will become relevant later.

Let’s look at the next episode which depicts Sideshow Bob.

hoover dam false flag simpsons sideshow bob cecil 116 11/6 november 6

Our last clue involved Sideshow Bob, in one of the following episodes featuring Sideshow Bob, Simpsons episode S8E16 (Brother From another Series), features Sideshow Bob’s brother Cecil trying to blow up the Springfield Dam. He attempts to blame it on Sideshow Bob. The fact that Cecil tries to blame it on Sideshow Bob indicates that upcoming terrorist attack will be a false flag. It will be blamed on the Muslims (though Satan really hopes that it will be blamed on the Illuminati since the Illuminati is a scapegoat organization that will be defeated by the counterfeit Jesus (Satan).

simpsons doomsday clock false flag hoover dam

Sideshow Bob’s brother states that he will blow up the dam one minute after sunrise.

simpsons hoover dam false flag terrorist attack november 6 11/6 brother from another series

simpsons doomsday clock hoover dam false flag terrorist attack 11/6 November 6

Earlier on December 8th I posted about how I had a dream to scribble down anything I saw within the Dark Knight Rises. I am going to post what I found within the Dark Knight Rises and other sources concerning upcoming false flags. First let’s look at what we preciously covered within The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Adventures of Pete and Pete – The King of the Road
Plot summary from imdb.com

The Wrigley’s annual trip to the Hoover Dam turns into a competition with another family. Don, who wants to keep his title as “King Of The Road”, tries to beat them there. But frequent bathroom breaks and lack of family spirit threatens to tear it apart

This episode features the Wrigley family traveling to the Hoover Dam.

Pete and Pete hoover dam false flag 1/26

Within this episode we find many references to the number 21. The father (Don Wrigley) tests the air pressure on the family car’s tire. The number that is shown is 21. Is this indicating the date that the Hoover Dam false flag will happen?

pete and pete january 21 false flag hoover dam

The dad later made the comment that 21 people died while making the Hoover Dam.

Don Wrigley: Hey did you guys know that 21 men died while making the Hoover Dam.

This is a very strange comment because the official death count at the Hoover Dam is 114. Other people suggest that 112-114 died. Why would the writers state that the number that died was 21?

Later, while traveling to the Hoover Dam, Big Pete makes a comment about the little numbered signs that you see on the side of the road.

Big Pete: As dad tried to make up for lost time, I sat in the back trying to make sense of the great mysteries of the open road. Why is it that you always see one lonely boot on the shoulder of the road. And those green signs, what are they trying to tell us.

january 21 false flag hoover dam adventures of pete and pete

Several weeks ago, I posted about a dream I had which told me to watch the Dark Knight Rises and scribble down any information. Here is what I found:

batman dark knight rises false flag hoover dam 1/21 january 21

This truck was later used by Banes men to poor concrete laced with explosives under the streets of Gotham City.

dark knight rises 1/21 january 21 false flag hoover dam


The first image which showed the timer on the nuclear bomb depicts the number 121.

false flag january 21 hoover dam terrorist attack dark knight rises

The stadium was also blown within the movie. We find the number 322 on the stadium itself:

Dark Knight Rises False Flag Football Stadium

batman dark knight rises 322

This is the number of the Skull and Bones secret society:

skull and bones 322

I was told in a dream to look into 3:22 and what it means. I already knew that it was referring to a passage number in the Bible. Therefore, perhaps it has some other meaning as well.

And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: (Genesis 3:22)

Notice that the number 322 is also found within the Hoover Dam in the movie Transformers.

transformers 322

Transformers also depicts the Hoover Dam being attacked.

january 21 false flag terrorist attack hoover dam

transformers hoover dam false flag january 21 1/21

The destruction of the Hoover Dam is also depicted in Space Ghost Coast To Coast: Dam (S04E20).

Plot summary provided by TV.com

Space Ghost’s ship runs out of gas, and Moltar and Zorak have some major attitude problems. Zorak tries to blast the guest, and there is talk about space fishing. The guys use some cool Shakesphere threats, and there is a long silence. Space Ghost flies to the Hoover Dam, blows it up, and gets arrested

Space Ghost tries to improve himself using a self-help tape. The tape tells him to blow up Hoover Dam.

Self-help tape: What are you doing? You don’t have time for this. You must destroy the Hoover Dam. It is your destiny… Hurry… someones going to beat you to it.

space ghost

space ghost false flag hoover dam

In the movie Fools Rush in, Matthew Perry’s character flies to Las Vegas. The first image shown is that of a Sphinx and a Pyramid.

fools rush in pyramid

In the scene just prior to the one which depicts the Hoover Dam, a black pyramid is shown.

fools rush in pyramid hoover dam

fools rush in hoover dam

This next bit of information concerning Halo I found in this Youtube video by Jonathan Kleck:

Halo 4 releases on 11/6/12. A recent Halo commercial provides the next clue. The commercial features the Didact symbol, which is the symbol of an evil race of extraterrestrials, on the Hoover Dam.

11/6 hoover dam halo false flag terrorist attack

At the end of the commercial, the Halo Didact logo is shown with the words “An Ancient Evil Awakens”.

Didact symbol an ancient evil awakens 11/6 false flag hoover dam

According to Halo lore, when that symbol is turned upside down it signifies that an evil force is being unleashed. The symbol, indeed, is turned upside down within the commercial.

The Ur-Didact are described very similarly to the Nephilim.

ur didact

The Bible states that the Nephilim were giants with six fingers and toes:

We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” (Numbers 13:33)

And there was again war at Gath, where there was a man of great stature, who had six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in number, and he also was descended from the giants. (2 Samuel 21:20)

The Ur-Didact aliens are giants with six fingers.

ur didact six fingers nephilim false flag

Obama standing before Hoover Dam:

obama hoover dam false flag 11/6

Obama states “Our willingness to do the things that built the golden gate bride and… Hoover Dam unleashed all the potential in this country”

Notice this strange picture of Obama in front of the Hoover Dam.

Obama in front of the Hoover Dam false flag terrorist attack

Just as 9/11 was predicted on US currency, we find evidence of the upcoming false flag at the Hoover Dam on the $50 dollar bill.

hoover dam false flag terrorist attack on 50$ bill fifty currency 11/6

It also seems to be alluded to in the Super bowl half-time show by Madonna.

Madonna False Flag Hoover Dam

Last Resort 11/6 hoover dam false flag

In the 5th episode of the TV show Last Resort, which recently aired on 10/25/12, the following dialogue was exchanged.

Grace: Thank you Master Chief that will be all

Master Chief: Hope you folks brought your water wings

Grace: That will be all.

Master Chief: Grace you can stand on that call until the rapture comes, still don’t make that man my captain.

Screen from Last Resort

Interestingly enough, within the show Last Resort, the man’s name is Master Chief. Master Chief is the name of the protagonist in the Halo series of video games. This video clip is intended to deceive people into falling for the pretribulation rapture deception. Satan plans on counterfeiting his own pretribulation rapture in an effort to lead people to there eternal destruction. The Simpsons Doomsday Clock also features an allusion to the counterfeit pretribulation rapture as I will show later.

I was informed in a dream to watch S07E02 of the Simpsons titled “Radioactive Man”.

radioactive man simpsons

This episode depicts Hollywood producers were trying to find a place that would meet the criteria for filming the new Radioactive Man (allusion to nuclear attack?) movie, they pull out the following map with several question marks over relevant areas. Notice that Colorado is marked. We have previously confirmed that one of more of these false flags will happen there.

Simpsons false flag chart denver, california, washington,

The other places may be Georgia, Louisiana, California, Hawaii, Washington, Wisconsin, New York and either Ohio, Michigan or Indiana.

An additional bit of information that i do not know it’s relevance. During this scene the film director states:

So where can we shoot this picture? We need a city with a nuclear reactor, a gorge and can guarantee us the full cooperation of city officials.

When the Hollywood producers arrive in Springfield the following piece of dialogue is exchanged between Mayor Quimbey and the producer.

Hollywood producer: “Alright we have 30,000,000 dollars to spend.”

Mayor Quimbey: “We’ll blow up our DAMS, destroy forests… anything”

simpsons hoover dam false flag

Earlier we covered how Hank Scorpio is linked to the false flag terrorist attacks. Check out this new evidence. The episode “500 Keys” (S22E21) depicts Hank Scorpio flying a jet in the intro. He launches missiles. Note how this has the connection to the Blue Angels.

hank scorpio false flag jet

Episode summary provided by Wikipedia:

While trying to get Maggie out of Homer’s locked car, the family discovers that they have been hoarding keys for years, setting up three interconnected adventures: Homer finds a key that operates The Duff Blimp, Marge finds a key that operates an antique toy that makes farting noises, and Lisa finds a key that leads her to a secret classroom in Springfield Elementary.

This episode is about keys. Perhaps this is a hint that we will find a key about an upcoming false flag embedded within this episode:



The key that Lisa finds that opens the door to the secret room depicts the number 23 on the chalkboard:

23 false flag 2/3 12/23 simpsons

The opening of the Simpsons also features this 23 number:

23 simpsons false flag 2/3 12/23

This episode also features Homer stealing a blimp.

blimp false flag terrorist attack

As mentioned earlier, Black Sunday depicts a blimp being used to bomb the Superbowl.
black sunday bomb on the blimp false flag terrorist attack superbowl denver broncos game

This Duff blimp is a reference to an earlier episode titled “Thank God, It’s Doomsday” (S16E19).

Plot summary provided by Wikipedia:

Homer sees a movie about the end of the world and fears the same thing will happen in real life after seeing a chain of random occurrences (celebrities [“stars”] falling from the sky, raining blood, a man in a realistic devil costume) and doing a complicated math equation that predicts the end will come on May 18th, but when the end does not come, Homer discovers a flaw in the equation and ends up in Heaven where he meets God and learns that God is planning The Rapture.

This episode starts with the Simpsons watching a sports event on TV.

simpsons false flag football game

Sideshow Mel introduces the Blue Angels. Once again, another allusion to the Blue Angels (and there’s more!).

simpsons false flag blue angels

The Blue Angels fly through the Duff Blimp:

simpsons false flag blue angels

The blimp crashes to the ground:

simpsons blimp false flag destroyed superbowl football game broncos denver

Later in this episode Jimbo references President Warren Harding.


Warren Harding died in 1923:

william harding president

When Homer is in heaven he asks if he can watch the events that are transpiring on earth during the tribulation just after he is raptured. The angel states that earth is channel 23.

heaven simpsons

He is shown what happens on channel 23.

rapture 2/3 12/23 simpsons

Does this mean that Satan’s counterfeit rapture will happen on 12/23 or 2/3? Notice also that the counterfeit rapture was earlier alluded to in Last Resort:

In the 5th episode of the TV show Last Resort, which recently aired on 10/25/12, the following dialogue was exchanged.

Grace: Thank you Master Chief that will be all

Master Chief: Hope you folks brought your water wings

Grace: That will be all.

Master Chief: Grace you can stand on that call until the rapture comes, still don’t make that man my captain.

God is depicted making the Illuminati triangle sign:

illuminati pyramid simpsons

jay-z illuminati

So far we have found a lot of clues about a false flag involving a helicopter:


False Flag Helicopter Football Game Denver

Black Sunday:

helicopter black sunday false flag superbowl football game

Sum of all Fears:

football game The Sum Of All Fears False Flag Helicopter

Maybe we should look for an episode which opens with a helicopter for our next clue? The intros are what provide the clues that we have correctly linked and identified the next episode. We find such an episode in Moonshine River S24E01:

simpsons season 24 episode 1

This is a reference to the previous episode (S23E20) in the sequence of episodes which provide clues about the upcoming false flags.

The intro also depicts the Simpson family turning into butterflies. This perhaps is an reference to the ascension agenda.

Simpsons ascension agenda

Later in this introduction, the Simpsons fly past a fishbowl. Inside is the three-eyed fish only two of his eyes are closed. This seems to be an allusion to the Illuminati.

simpsons three-eyed fish butterflys

S24E01: Moonshine River

Episode description from Wikipedia:

The Simpsons return to New York City after Bart discovers that, out of all of the female interests he has had (such as Gina the juvenile delinquent, Jenny the nursing home volunteer, Darcy the pregnant teen, and Nikki, the fourth grade girl who flip-flopped between loving and hating him), the only one who liked him was Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel’s daughter, Mary (from “Apocalypse Cow”), and now that Mary’s made it to the Big Apple to be a writer for Saturday Night Live, Bart wants to see her again.

This episode features the Simpsons going to New York. What’s interesting about this is that the Simpsons episode which alluded to the 9/11 false flag also had this same plot. That episode was S9E01 “The City of New York vs Homer Simpson”. Notice that the twin towers are depicted in one of the scenes from this (City of New York vs Homer Simpson) episode. The Statue of Liberty is also depicted. I believe that the Statue will be targeted in an upcoming attack as well. I’ll cover the evidence that I have found to give credence to this theory soon.

city of new york vs homer simpson  9/11

Also Homer’s car was parked beneath the World Trade Center complex.

The episode sees the Simpson family traveling to Manhattan to recover the family car, which was taken by Barney Gumble and abandoned outside the World Trade Center complex, thereby gaining numerous parking tickets and a wheel clamp. Upon arrival, the family tours the city, while Homer waits beside his car outside the World Trade Center for a parking officer to remove the clamp.

It was from within this episode that the following piece of evidence that some within the Hollywood establishment had foreknowledge was found.

Simpsons 9/11, simpsons 911, simpsons wtc, simpsons knew about 9/11,

Interestingly enough, both of these episodes are the first for their respective season.

This episode – Moonshine River (S24E01) – features a lonely Bart Simpson who travels to New York so he can meet up with an ex-girlfriend. Bart is given her new address on a piece of paper.

533 street by the river simpsons Metropolitan museum of art false flag

Her address is “533 Street by the River”. I put “533 New York” into Google maps and it brings us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Interestingly enough, it is located very close to the East River.

Metropolitan Museum of art

Very early on within this episode, before the Simpsons even consider going to New York, we find a reference to the Empire State Building.

Simpsons empire state building false flag terrorist attack

We find another one when the Simpsons reach New York. As you will see later in this article, these are just some of many references.

Empire State Building False Flag

A reference to an NBC building is also made within this episode:

nbc building false flag terrorist attack

Later on, a strange piece of dialogue is exchanged between Lisa and Marge when they are in the Lincoln Center at 66th street. Note that it was very random, not funny and seemed so supicious that is seems quite clear that it was alluding to a false flag.

Simpsons Lincoln Center False Flag Terrorist Attack

Marge says: “No Lisa, if you click that turnstile it will blow our budget!”

Despite Marge’s warnings, Lisa continued forward, when Lisa had gone through the turnstile, Marge put her hands on her head and screamed as if she was expecting an explosion.

Simpsons turn style false flag terrorist attack lincoln center

lincoln station turnstile false flag terrorist attack simpsons

Why would the Simpsons writers include this? It’s not funny and completely random. It must not be a joke but a clue about an upcoming false flag.

Later, Marge and Lisa were exploring the culture of New York when Lisa referenced the New York museums.

Lisa: “Alright, Broadways too expensive, the museums are overcurated, but Shakespeare in the Park is tonight and the tickets are free!” Is this perhaps another allusion to a potential false flag at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? I do not know if it will be targeted or not. I’m including it though because I want to cover all of the possibilities.

Later, Al Roker makes a strange comment about a “killer storm” after Bart asks him for his autograph. This was also very random and could hardly be called a joke. Was this a reference to Hurricane Sandy, perhaps another even more devastating one that has yet to come? I had several dreams over the past couple days that indicate that some massive weather problems will soon face us including a huge snow storm in Denver. I will post this and LOADS more dreams when I get the chance.

Al Roker Simpsons Hurricane Sandy

Al Roker: “Here you go little man, killer storm on the way”.

I have found more clues within Treehouse of Horror XXIII (S24E02). I’ll briefly cover what I have already found, within this episode, before I get into the new evidence.

S24E2 starts with the people of the town of Springfield back in Mayan times.

Simpsons 2012 mayan

In an effort to present the world from being destroyed in after the 13th baktun, the town prepares Homer as a sacrifice that will please the gods. At the last moment, Marge tricks Moe into taking Homer’s place.

simpsons mayan episode

This sacrifice proves disappointing to the gods. The town calculates that the earth will now end in 2012, which is the end of the 13th baktun. The Simpsons then flashes forward into modern times. The day is Halloween and the Mayan gods return to bring destruction to the planet.

Mayan gods return simpsons 2012

The Mayan gods then destroy Christian Ned Flanders house.

mayan gods simpsons

The Mayan gods throw the Lard O Land donut into space. It almost hits aliens. Is this a reference to extraterrestrials role in the upcoming false flag terrorist attacks?

simpsons 2012 aliens

One of them breaks off the top of the Eiffel Tower. As I will show later, there are LOADS of references to a false flag at the Eiffel Tower.

Simpsons eiffel tower false flag terrorist attack

He then throws it into the Big Ben.

big ben false flag terrorist attack london england simpsons

The upcoming Big Ben false flag has been alluded to in several places.

Cars II:
Illuminati Cars Big Ben, illuminati false flag big ben, illuminati terrorist big ben, illminati false flag terrorist attack londond, false flag big ben, false flag terrorist attack big ben 2012, big ben 2012,

British Comedian David Mitchell:
david mitchell false flag big ben

Chinese soccer tournament commercial:

Chinese Olympics Advertisement False Flag Big Ben September 23
Olympics commercial:
False Flag Terrorist Attack At Big Ben In Britain On Septemer 23


big ben false flag terrorist attack

V for Vendetta:
V For Vendetta Big Ben Destruction false flag

It was even alluded to in the episode which featured the Simpsons Doomsday Clock.

Simpsons Doomsday Clock Big Ben False Flag terrorist attack

The Mayan gods then destroy Mt Rushmore. A reference is made to this attack several other places as I will show later:

mt rushmore false flag terrorist attack simpsons

Notice that the Mayan gods destroy all of these places. Remember the episode of the Simpsons which depicted Hank Scorpio blowing up the 59th Street Bridge in New York? Remember how, just afterwards, he asked Homer who invented the Hammock? Obviously the Mayans invented the Hammock. Are the Simpsons trying to indicate that the supposed Mayan extraterrestrial gods will play some role?

59th street bridge false flag terrorist attack simpsons

Notice this superman comic:

ufo aliens attack big ben

ufo aliens attack big ben

The Mayan gods then head off into outer space. It seems we are correct in our theory that  Satan will promote the idea that the Mayan gods are extraterrestrials.

simpsons mayan gods aliens

The first of the tales concerns a particle accelerator built in Springfield; this seems to be an allusion to CERN.

simpsons cern aliens

Inside the Springfield subatomic supercollider:

simpsons cern aliens

The particle accelerator creates a miniature black hole:

simpsons cern aliens

The black hole then gets much larger and proceeds to suck up the entire town.

simpsons cern aliens

The entire town of Springfield end up on a planet populated with aliens in a different part of the universe.

simpsons cern aliens

Satanically controlled mainstream media released the following news story:

‘Something may come through’ dimensional ‘doors’ at LHC

A top boffin at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) says that the titanic machine may possibly create or discover previously unimagined scientific phenomena, or “unknown unknowns” – for instance “an extra dimension”.

“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ earlier this week.

Notice that the Large Hadron Collider is a wheel with 8 spokes:

large hadron collider cern 8 spoked wheel

New Agers claim that the Sumerian portal was a wheel with 8 spokes:

sumerian portal 2012 wheel 9 spokes

Notice this 14th century painting which depicts a UFO with an 8-spoked symbol:

8 spoked wheel ufo cern large hadron collider

Nostradamus, the Jewish prophet who Satan is using to promote deceptions, spoke about this time period we are in with an 8-pointed wheel:

Nostradamus 8 pointed wheel

The Buddhist Wheel of Dharma is also depicted with 8 spokes:

8 spoked wheel of dharma buddhist

The Buddhist wheel of Dharma symbolizes the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. Obviously, this ties into the end of the 13th Baktun, December 21, 2012 and the beginning of the New Age.

Notice that a statue of the Hindu deity Shiva is outside the CERN facility:


Satan is ruler of this world (John 16:11). The fact that CERN is openly associated with a statue of Shiva indicates that Satan wants us to connect CERN with Shiva in some way. Especially considering all of the CERN being a portal for aliens rumors and news stories. The fact that Shiva is depicted outside of CERN indicates that Satan is the association of Shiva to CERN benefits him in some way.

Satan’s End Times plan will be to propagate the notion that YHWY was the evil God, while Satan was the benevolent one. YHWY will be equated with the Gnostic Demiurge, Zeus and Enlil. Satan / Lucifer will be equated with Prometheus, the Sumerian god Enki and the Hindu god Vishnu. In the End Times, Satan will be God and God will be Satan. Christians will be referred to as Satanists since they worship the Old Testament God YHWY (Enlil / Shiva). Satan may make the claim that white people were created by the evil Reptilian Enlil. I think that many of his controlled factions will state that the Mark of Cain is white skin. The flip side of that is that other groups will claim that Mark of Cain is black skin. The real mark is neither; it’s the cross (I will make a post about this soon). Anyway, it seems like Satan may make the claim that the Illuminati establishment will worship the evil Reptilian god Enlil (YHWY).

Therefore, we should interpret the Large Hadron Collider and it’s connection with Shiva as an effort by the supposed Reptilian Illuminati to open a portal that will allow Shiva / Enlil / YHWY through.

In fact, the very next episode of the Simpsons – S24E03: Adventures in Baby Getting- depicts a statue of Shiva:

Shiva simpsons

Notice that the Mayans predicted that Bolon Yokte would return in the End Times. Many believe that Bolon Yokte should be equated with Jesus. I believe that Bolon Yokte more appropriately should be equated with the evil gods Enlil and Shiva. Bolon Yokte is said to have been one of the gods in charge of creation. This would equate him with the Demiurge and Enlil. He is also depicted similarly to Shiva:

“apart from symbolizing war, conflict, and the underworld, Bolon Yokte is a god that is often present during Creation events, often referring to the Creation event of in 3114 BC…”
(John Major Jenkins author of Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012)

It seems like the counterfeit Satan (Enlil, YHWY, Shiva, Bolon Yokte) will arrive first. This counterfeit Satan will then be defeated by the real Satan (who will be posing as Jesus / Quetzalcoatl).

Within this episode (S24E03: Adventures in Baby Getting) we find what could also be an allusion to CERN. This episode depicts a massive sinkhole:

simpsons massive sinkhole cern large hadron collider false flagsimpsons massive sinkhole cern large hadron collider false flag

simpsons massive sinkhole cern large hadron collider false flag

Notice all of the reports of massive sinkholes lately:

Sinkhole: Now 372 feet diameter, Only 1500 feet from butane-filled cavern

The initially estimated 200 by 200 feet sinkhole that developed late last week, swallowing ancient cypress trees 100 feet tall near Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou communities in south Louisiana, is now reported to be 380 feet deep with a diameter of 372 feet, filled mainly with salt water with traces of diesel fuel, and only 1,500 feet from a cavern filled with butane, according Tuesday morning news. Analysts’ reports further hint that Texas Brine Company’s cavern failed, but the butane cavern failing is today’s worst-case scenario.

If a nearby butane-filled cavern fails, as it appears the brine cavern did, “it could cause an explosion felt up to two miles away,”

We find other evidence that Satan is using CERN for deceptive purposes. Will Satan try to present the idea that CERN is responsible for these massive sinkholes?

Cern Missing Black Hole Raises New Safety Concerns

In April 2008 the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) held an official open day for the launch of the world’s largest particle accelerator, otherwise known as Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

In September of the same year, CERN was forced to shut down the LHC due to an electrical malfunction which caused a huge helium leak.

However, it has now been alleged that the reported helium leak was actually a cover story for a containment breach, after an artificially created micro black hole was reported as missing.

Returning back to S24E02, later in this episode, Bart goes back in time in a parody of Back to the Future. When he is traveling back in time, a poster of the new James Bond movie Skyfall is shown on the wall.

simpsons skyfall false flag

Obviously, we already covered all of the Skyfall connections so I don’t think that I will go through them all again.

The new season of the Simpsons is loaded with clues embedded within the opening scenes. Let’s look at the opening of Penny Wiseguys (S24E05):

s2e05 penny wiseguys

This is a reference to the episode titled King Size Homer (S07E07).

This is an allusion to S07e07: King Size Homer. Within “King Size Homer”, Homer purposely gains weight to avoid the exercise program at his work. Homer is provided a computer which he uses to do his power plant job at home. His incompetence causes a nuclear accident.

homer nuclear power plant false flag terrorist attack simpsons

homer nuclear power plant false flag terrorist attack simpsons


The next episode is S24E06: “A Tree Grows In Springfield”. This episode provides the Holy Grail. The clue that unlocks loads of other clues. The opening scene of this episode features Sideshow Bob flying the Wright Brother’s plane:

simpsons doomsday clock false flag sideshow bob

It is then struck by lightning:

simpsons doomsday clock false flag sideshow bob

The Wright Brothers plane has helped us link several other clues together. The fact that it is depicted, with Sideshow Bob, in this episode indicates that this episode provides clues about an upcoming false flag terrorist attack.

This episode features the Duff party bus:

simpsons tree grows in springfield

This is an allusion to the Duff party mobile from the City of New York vs Homer Simpson: S09E01:

simpsons S09E01

It was within City of New York vs Homer Simpson that we found the 9/11 evidence:

Simpsons 9/11, simpsons 911, simpsons wtc, simpsons knew about 9/11,

A Tree Grows In Springfield (S24E06) also depicts Homer’s car with a wheel clamp:

wheel clamp simpsons false flag evidence

Yet again another reference to the City of New York vs Homer Simpson (S09E01). Homer’s car was parked under the World Trade Center buildings in New York:

wheel clamp simpsons false flag evidence

Pay attention to the opening couch gag of S09E01. The reference to the Harlem Globetrotters is made:

harlem globetrotters simpsons

This provides a clue to another episode in the Doomsday Clock sequence: “I’m Spelling As Fast As I Can” (S14E12).

simpsons globetrotters harlem

The zombie Globetrotter states that he’s made from corpses of Denver nuggets. Later within this very same episode, Lisa is at a spelling bee at the Olympics (allusion to 2012 London Olympics games).

olympics spelling bee be

This episode (S14E12) also depicts a bridge:

bridge false flag simpsons

The host of the spelling bee then called in the Blue Angels to kill bees.

George Plimpton: “And now to exterminate the bees the magnificent Blue Angels”

blue angels simpsons false flag

The Blue Angels release toxic gas which kills the bees.

spelling bee blue angels toxic gas

blue angels false flag toxic gas attack

The song “Get Ready For This” is played when the stadium is shown:

stadium false flag attack

This song links us back to the original Doomsday Clock episode (S21E20). That episode featured the song during the end credits.

This song is also in “Homer And Ned’s Hail Mary Pass” S16E08. This episode features Broncos vs Raiders in the Super bowl:

broncos false flag simpsons

666 symbolism:

666 symbolism simpsons

Number 21 is also depicted:

number 21 simpsons

football stadium false flag

Homer and Ned set up a religious half-time show. During the show an airplane gases the people acting in the play:

false flag airplane gases stadium football game broncos browns

Note the religious implications:


Note the blimp:

blimp false flag

Returning back to S24E06, this episode provides a puzzle which unlocks numerous other episodes which provide clues about an upcoming false flag. At the end of this episode a very random strange segment plays which depicts a bunch of logos:

false flag logomania FF106

Each of the above logos is a reference to an episode which contains a clue about a false flag! Ever single one of them! Let me show you. First, let me cover an episode which we have already covered King Size Homer (S07E07):

simpsons47 simpsons48

This episode featured Homer causing a nuclear disaster:

homer nuclear power plant false flag terrorist attack simpsons


Nickel N Dime animation is depicted in S22E14:


Within this episode another allusion to false flag at the Hoover Dam:

hoover dam simpsons homer false flag

Within this episode is another allusion to a false flag at the Eiffel Tower:

eiffel tower simpsons false flag

Also within this episode is an allusion to a false flag at some sort of water tower. A tank blows it up:

false flag water tower

This is depicted in Logomania:

false flag water tower

It’s also depicted in Gravity Falls (by the way, I believe I may have figured out some of the clues concerning Gravity Falls).


Gravity Falls is full of esoteric symbolism:

gravity falls disney illuminati symbolismgravity falls illuminatigravity falls satanic symbolism


Notton Candy is depicted in S21E08:

notton candy


Within this episode, we find another allusion to the Denver Broncos false flag. Sideshow Bob is depicted flying a kite with the Wright Brothers plane behind him:


The very next scene depicts Payton Manning, the quarter back of the Denver Broncos:

broncos false flag 12/23 2/3 february 3rd december 23

The scene which follows depicts the Smothers Brothers:


They speak about being fired by CBS. This might be an allusion to the event which will happen featuring a news station. I will get into further detail about this alter.

Just after this the Smothers Brothers accidentally down the Wright Brothers plane using a yo-yo.

smothers brothers yo-yo

God has given me numerous dreams about an episode called “Girly Edition” (S09E21). This episode is referenced by Bubble Crum in Logomania:


The episode which contains Bubble Crum is Girly Edition:


Here is what I found within this episode. Note that God has told me to watch this episode numerous times. I didn’t find the clues until just a couple hours ago. Here is what I found.

I found an allusion to the Union Pacific railroad.


Notice the rainbow symbolism. Rainbows help us find clues about what will be attacked next!
nbc cbs news network buidling false flag

It seems like some news network will be attacked. Lisa later stated the following:

You can’t create a monster then whine when it stomps on a few buildings

union pacific false flag terrorist attack

Remember this image from S24E01?

nbc building false flag terrorist attack

I had another dream several days ago that seemed to imply that the station that broadcast the Broncos game would be relevant some how. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the network that will be bombed however. Regardless, the station that broadcasts the 12/23 game will be CBS.

Returning back to S09E21, I’m not sure if I found what God wanted me to find in this. I think that we might have figured it out though.

Illuminati symbolism is seen in this episode:

FF92 FF90


Lard Glug is a reference to Pranks and Greens (S21E06):

pranks and greens


Horse laxative is a reference to Replaceable You (S23E04):


Horse Laxative is a reference to Replaceable You (S23E04). Within this episode we found the Smithsonian clue:

Doomsday Clock Simpsons False Flag Terrorist Attack Airshow 9/23

simpsons65 simpsons66

Goddess bar is an allusion to the Eiffel Tower:


eiffel tower false flag simpsons

It also is an allusion to the Denver Broncos:


The tower is also referenced within this episode:



pranks and greens

This episode references a false flag at the tower:




FF127   futurama false flag hoover dam



An allusion is made to the Chrysler building and NBC. Homer states “I can’t read that one my thumb is over it”, specifically singling out the Chrysler building.

chrysler building nbc false flag

Later an allusion is made to NBC. Grandpa’s note says “SEE NBC GO UNDER”.

chrysler building nbc false flag



This episode alludes to a false flag at the Empire State building:

empire state building false flag



This episode alludes to a water shortage:

water shortage simpsons

World War III was alluded to in this episode as well:

wwIII simpsons oil

FF141 FF142

I believe that this episode alludes to a false flag that will happen to some sort of military boat or ship. When I have time I will go through these episodes again and see if I can make any other connections.

false flag navy ship aircraft carrier


The Magic Crapolla waste remover was a business that Homer started using the black hole created through the Springfield Supercollider. This episode references the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben:

Simpsons eiffel tower false flag terrorist attack

big ben false flag terrorist attack london england simpsons



hank scorpio false flag jet


23 false flag 2/3 12/23 simpsons

FF150 FF151 FF152

FF153 FF154 FF155 simpsons false flag virus pandemic FF157 nibiru obraz nibiru


This episode depicts a tank:


The scene which immediately precedes the tank depicts Big Ben:

big ben false flag

FF163 FF164 FF165

FF166 FF167 FF170


WWIII with china false flag terrorism FF168

FF171 eiffel tower paris false flag terrorist attack simpsons eiffel tower paris false flag terrorist attack



simpsons freemason empire state building false flag

An asteroid then falls from the sky with the Empire State building in its path:

empire state building false flag terrorist attack


The opening scene depicts Homer humming the “charge” song that is played during football games. In the background the “MELTDOWN” sign is flashing:


In the scene which follows immediately afterwards Homer is depicted making the one-eye, a sign of the Illuminati.


The leaning tower of Pisa is shown:

leaning tower of pisa false flag terrorist attack rome italy

The Coliseum is also depicted in this episode. I had a dream earlier that stated “there are three Coliseums”. Perhaps this implies that a different Coliseum will be targeted. I will write an article about this later.

coliseum colosseum false flag terrorist attack rome italy

This episode features Sideshow Bob watching Krusty perform at the Coliseum. Sideshow Bob is how the Simpsons writers clue us in about false flag terrorist attacks.

coliseum colosseum false flag terrorist attack rome italy coliseum colosseum false flag terrorist attack rome italy

FF185 FF186

This episode opens with Homer at a baseball game. I had a dream that a baseball game would be targeted. I will post the dream later.

false flag baseball game

Homer later makes a strange comment to Ned about his demons visiting every baseball game:

Ned: Thank God you’e finally fighting your demons!

Homer: My demons are closer than ever. Next year we are going to visit every major league baseball park.



Radioactive Man, which seems to be an allusion to a dirty bomb or a nuclear bomb is depicted on the cover of a comic which features the Kansas City Royals. Does this imply that the Kansas City Royals will be targeted?

nuke nuclear bomb false flag kansas city royals baseball game terrorist attack

Radioactive Man is also depicted on the cover of a comic which features a volcano. Does this imply that a nuke could be placed in a volcano?

false flag volcano bomb nuke nuclear


I will finish this later. I still have about 3x as much stuff to post! Most of the rest of this should be brand new! I’ll try to finish this asap.

— mayan gods involved with destroying

— rainbow symbolism

— 3 colosseums

— find the other baseball allusion

— figure out register s21e01

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12 Responses to Upcoming False Flags – Hoover Dam, Super Bowl 47, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Mt Rushmore etc

  1. Pingback: The Illuminati, Isis And The Upcoming False Flag Terrorist Attacks | I AM NOT REALLY JOHN THE BAPTIST – WAS POSSESSED BY DEMONS!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Ok, here’s what I gathered from most of this….

    SUPER BOWL 50 (“GOLDEN” 50)
    – Date (February 7, 2016)
    – Time (3:30 PM)
    – Location (Santa Clara) “Last played Football game at the San Francisco field, was back in 1985”.
    – Message/Symbolism (“GOLDEN 50”). Not using roman numerals, instead using “Arabic 50”.
    – Action #1 (Stadium will blow up)
    – Possible causes (Bomb in football being played with in the game, from underground or by an airshow?)
    – Action #2 Golden State Bridge will blow up and possibly by a bomb on the school bus.

    Assumption to Helicopters you mentioned…. they might be a drone and not a real helicopter?

    Thanks for all this information you have been leaking. God is very proud and has sent me here to research for myself. Just like you have dreams that God gives you with messages, I have quotes that God gives me through wisdom. They might help you out. Feel free to take a look for yourself! I have written over 400+ thus far.

    Link to Quotes: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/btgxqomljndmwhr/AAB78vsoLPeEZqhxexcpkf-Ca?dl=0

    God bless brother

  3. Jbrok says:

    And how do you know who the teams in the superbowl will be next year?

    • Michael says:

      Because I know a woman that had a dream from God and in her dream, talked about football and battlefield. She said the colors of the jersey she saw was a bright green, blue and white as primary.

      The team that came to mind with those colors is the Seahawks. Then I researched Dark Night Rises and saw the logo on the helmet of the opposite team and it looks like a seahawk. Then I noticed at the kickoff of the game, the kickers last name was RAVENStahl. So that made me think of the Baltimore Ravens. Plus the logo is a match on the helmet in the movie. There’s a lot of symbolism in that Superbowl game coming up.

      • Michael says:

        Oh and I noticed a player from the Seahawks, was chosen for the cover of Madden 15. You can see his gloves make an illuminati eye. Everything in this world is rigged and controlled by the elite. Even sports. If they can make money off it, they are behind it.

        • Jbrok says:

          You are correct about that brother. Sports is most definitely rigged. It’s so obvious just by watching it, but then also as you said, anything with money involved is going to be rigged. Infact everything in our universe is rigged. Nothing is random, nothing is coincidence. Everything is in order. You probably get synchronicites a lot just as I do. But the sports….wow it’s so rigged I can’t even stand watching it. I actually wager (bet) on it, and I make pretty good money from that, because once you know it’s rigged, you can get better odds by spotting patterns on how they rig games.

          But I was just curious how you knew, since I didn’t think you was in the illuminati so I figured you had some inside info or something. And sounds like you might. Well, if what you say turns out to be true, you might be able to make some money by betting on a “Future” bet where you pick one fo those two teams to win the super bowl. But people say every year that there will be false flags at the superbowl and there never is. So, I wouldn’t worry about that. Just don’t go to one. John the baptist here said there would be one with Denver at the superbowl and we just had Denver in the superbowl in 2014 and there was no false flag. Everyone said there would be, but there wasn’t.

          Thank god for that.

          • Michael says:

            Yup, just like the show you in the movie Back to the Future. Where he steals the sports “manual”. I would never try to make money off my findings, that’s dishonest in my eyes. I only use my findings for protecting and help save the world from disasters. God bless

            • Jbrok says:

              It’s not dishonest at all. My conscious tells me this. If the games are rigged, and you have a feeling who they are going to rig it for, by all means, make some extra money for you and your family! I know, I also too would feel bad stealing money from the casiono, but this isn’t stealing. This is 100% legal, you are using your mind and god given intellect to figure out who is going to win on your own. It’s still not a sure thing, but if you have money management and make a long term profit, I don’t consider gambling a sin. I am not a religious person though, so don’t get me wrong. I am a gambler, professionally. Tha’ts what I do. But I believe the true god is our conscious, not some guy in the sky watching over us. That’s the illuminati god that does that.

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