Reptilians Are Demons – Will Be Used As Scapegoats

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5 Responses to Reptilians Are Demons – Will Be Used As Scapegoats

  1. Rayan says:

    Retlian is the craeture Eve was seduced by that had intelligence of God secrets to creation.
    The raptilian transformed to Eve’s double and slept with Adam to produce offspring. Three were kicked out: Adam, Eve and the Raptilian who concieve half human species.
    Cain drank his brothers blood and was the first Vampire.

  2. Rayan says:

    During 15th century most Pagan/wicca riligion hide these secret gospels.
    Mary Magdalene married the twin: Thomas. Taught reiki light healing and past life.
    Need Chrsitain spiritualist to be inlcuded as new diverse theology in our local churches.

  3. Rayan says:

    Horror movies are real when it comes to Vampires and ware wolves and human turning into creatures. Yes all creatures came from heaven but choose there powers for evil or Good. Etheir they use light energy from heavn or dark moon light energy. Psychic means prophetic. Need more Christain psychic’s liek myself to reveal the misquotes and hidden gospels.
    Barthalemew taught that Virg mary is queen of the angels. Throughout bible communicate with angels and apostles is written and denied/misrepresented.
    Enoch earthly made is modern day homosexaul relations and transgendered/transsexual men!

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