Lost Tribes Of Israel Are White People

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Hermon Hoeh (North America)

WHEN Paul preached the gospel at Rome, where was Peter? Why is the Book of Acts strangely silent about the twelve apostles after their departure from Palestine? Here, revealed at last, is one of history’s best-kept secrets!

WHY HAS the truth about the journeys of the twelve apostles been kept from public knowledge? You read plainly of Paul’s travels through Cyprus, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy. But the movements of the original twelve apostles are cloaked in mystery. Why?


Did it ever seem strange to you that most of the New Testament, following the Book of Acts, was written by Paul, and not by Peter? Did you ever wonder why, after Peter initiated the preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles at the house of Cornelius (Acts 10 and 11), he and others of the twelve apostles suddenly vanish from view? And why only Peter and John reappear, for a fleeting moment, in Jerusalem at the inspired conference recorded in Acts 15? You read, after Acts 15, only of Paul’s ministry to the GENTILES. Why? What happened to the twelve apostles?


There is a reason why the journeys of the twelve apostles have been cloaked in mystery until now! You probably have been told that Jesus chose the twelve disciples, ordained them apostles, sent them, first, to preach to the Jews. When the Jews, as a nation, rejected that message, you probably have supposed that they turned to the Gentiles. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was the apostle Paul, called years later as a special apostle, who was commissioned to bear the gospel to the Gentiles. To Ananias, who was sent to baptize Paul, Christ gave this assurance:

“Go thy way: for he” – Saul, later named Paul – “he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel” – (Acts 9:15).

It was Paul, not any of the twelve, who said:

“From henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles” – (Acts 18:6).

Jesus would not have called Paul as a special apostle to carry the gospel to the Gentiles, if the original twelve had been commissioned to preach to the Gentiles. Then to WHOM – and where – were the twelve apostles sent?


Notice the surprising answer – in Matthew 10:5-6:

“These twelve Jesus sent forth, and COMMANDED them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: but go rather to the LOST sheep of the house of Israel.”

Read it, from your Bible, with your own eyes:

“Go NOT into the way of the Gentiles, but go rather to the lost sheep of the HOUSE OF ISRAEL!”

Jesus meant what He said! He “COMMANDED them.” The twelve were forbidden to spread the gospel among the Gentiles. It was Paul who was commissioned to that work. The twelve were to go, instead, to the “lost sheep of the house of Israel” – the Lost Ten Tribes! Granted, Christ did send Peter to the home of Cornelius (Acts 10 and 11) to open the gospel to the Gentiles, but Peter’s life mission was to carry the gospel to “the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” Peter merely opened the door, as the chief apostle, for the Gentiles. It was Paul who went through the door and brought the gospel to the nations. Granted, Peter, in his capacity of chief apostle, made one trip to the gentile Samaritans. But that was not to bring the gospel to them. PHILIP HAD DONE THAT! Peter and John merely prayed for the Samaritans that they would receive the Holy Spirit. (See Acts 8, verses 5, and 14 through 17.)

Now we know TO WHOM the twelve apostles were sent. They were not sent to the Gentiles, but to “the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” It was Paul who went to the Gentiles. Now to discover WHERE Peter and others of the twelve went after they left Palestine. That has been one of the best-kept secrets of history! If the world had known the lands to which the twelve apostles journeyed, the House of Israel would never have been LOST from view! But God intended, for a special purpose, which few understand, that the identity of the lost House of Israel should not be revealed until this pulsating twenty first century!


From the sons of Jacob – surnamed Israel – sprang twelve tribes. Under David they were united as one nation – Israel.

After the death of Solomon, David’s son, the twelve tribes were divided into two nations. The tribe of Judah split off from the nation Israel in order to retain the king, whom Israel had rejected. Benjamin went with Judah. The new nation thus formed, with its capital at Jerusalem, was known as the “House of Judah.” Its people were called Jews. The northern ten tribes, who rejected Solomon’s son, became known as the “House of Israel.” Its capital, later, was Samaria.

Whole books of the Old Testament are devoted to the power struggles between the “House of Israel” and Judah. The first time the word “Jews” appears in the Bible you will discover the king of Israel, allied with Syria, driving the Jews from the Red Sea port of Elath (II Kings 16:6-7). The northern ten tribes, the House of Israel, were overthrown by the mighty Assyrian Empire. Its people were led into captivity beyond the Tigris River and planted in Assyria and the cities of the Medes around lake Urmia, southwest of the Caspian Sea. In the now-desolate cities of the land of Samaria the Assyrians brought in Gentiles from Babylonia. These Gentiles (II Kings 17) had become known as Samaritans by the time of Christ. The House of Israel never returned to Palestine. The nation became known in history as the “Lost Ten Tribes.” To them Jesus sent the twelve apostles!

The House of Judah – the Jews – remained in Palestine until the Babylonian invasion, which commenced in 604 B.C. Judah was deported to Mesopotamia. Seventy years later they returned to Palestine. In history they now become commonly known as “Israel” because they were the only descendants of Jacob – or Israel – now living in Palestine. The ten tribes – the House of Israel – became lost in the land of their exile. Jesus “came to his own” – the House of Judah, the Jews – “and his own received him not” – (John 1:11). Jesus was of the lineage of David, of the House of .Judah. When His own people – the Jews – rejected Him, He did not turn to the Gentiles. It was Paul who did. Instead, Jesus said to the Gentile woman:

“I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel” – (Matthew 15:24).

To fulfill, later, that divine mission – for Jesus was soon slain on Golgotha to pay for the sins of the world – He commissioned His twelve disciples. THEY were commanded:

“Go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

They did go, but history has lost sight of where they went! Their journeys have been shrouded in mystery -until now!


The history of the early New Testament church is preserved in the book of Acts. But have you ever noticed that Acts ends in the middle of the story? Luke doesn’t even finish the life of Paul after his two-years’ imprisonment ended!

Why? You will find the answer in Christ’s commission to Paul. Even before Paul was baptized, Christ had planned the future work he was to accomplish. First, Paul was to teach the Gentiles – which he did in Cyprus, Asia Minor and Greece. Second, he was to appear before kings – an event brought about by a two-year imprisonment at Rome. At the end of that two-year period, during which no accusers had appeared, Paul would automatically have been released according to Roman law. It is at this point that Luke strangely breaks off the story of Paul’s life. See Acts 28:31. But Paul’s third mission was not yet accomplished! Christ had chosen Paul for a threefold purpose – “to bear His name before the Gentiles, and kings, AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL” – (Acts 9:15). There is the answer. He, too, was to end his work among the Lost Ten Tribes! Luke was not permitted by Christ to include in Acts the final journeys of Paul’s life. It would have revealed the whereabouts of the children of Israel! It was not then God’s time to make that known. But the moment has now come, in this climactic “time of the end,” to pull back the shroud of history and reveal where the twelve apostles went.


Now turn to the book of James. To whom is it addressed? Read it:

“James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, TO THE TWELVE TRIBES WHICH ARE SCATTERED ABROAD, greeting” (first verse).

You probab!y never noticed that before. This book is not addressed to the Gentiles. It is not addressed exclusively to Judah – the Jews. It is addressed to ALL TWELVE TRIBES. To the House of Judah and to the House of Israel – the Lost Ten Tribes. Have you ever noticed that the letter of James, like the book of Acts, ends abruptly, without the normal salutations? Read it – James 5:20. Compare it with Paul’s epistles. In the original inspired Greek New Testament every one of Paul’s letters ends with an “Amen.” Everyone of the four gospels ends with an “Amen.” The book of Revelation ends with an “Amen.” This little word “Amen.” of Hebrew derivation, signifies completion. In the Authorized Version (most modern versions are incorrect, and in several instances carelessly leave off the proper ending found in the Greek) every one of the New Testament books ends with an “Amen” except THREE – Acts, James and III John. In these three, and these three only, the word “Amen” is not in the inspired original Greek. It is purposely missing. Why? Each missing “Amen” is a special sign. It indicates God wants us to understand that certain knowledge was not to be made known to the world – until now, when the gospel is being sent around the world as a final witness before the end of this age. God purposely excluded from the book of Acts the final chapters in the history of the early true Church. If they had been included, the identity and whereabouts of Israel and of the true Church would have been revealed! It is part of God’s plan that the House of Israel should lose its identity and think itself Gentile. If the book of James had ended with the ordinary salutation, the nations of Israel would have been disclosed. Paul often ends his letters with names of places and people. See the last verses of Romans, Colossians, Hebrews, for example. This is the very part missing, purposely, from James! And why was the short letter of III John missing an “Amen”? Let John himself tell us, “I had many things to write: but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee” (verse 13). John reveals, in the letter, a pagan conspiracy. It was a diabolical attempt by Simon Magus and his false apostles to seize the name of Christ, gain control of the true Church, and masquerade as “Christianity.” God did not permit John to make known, in plain language, the names of the leaders of that conspiracy, and the city of their operation. That is why John cut his letter short. The missing “Amen” is to tell us to look elsewhere in the Bible for the answer. It is described, if you have eyes to see, in Revelation 17, Acts 8 and many other chapters of the Bible. The time to unmask that conspiracy is now (II Thessalonians 2), just before the return of Christ. But to return, for a moment, to the letter of James.


From James 4:1 we learn that WARS were being waged among the lost tribes of Israel.

“From whence come WARS and fightings among you?” asks James. What wars were these? No wars existed among the Jews until the outbreak, several years later, of the revolt against the Romans. These wars absolutely identify the lost House of Israel – the lands to which the twelve apostles journeyed. James wrote his book about A.D. 60 (he was martyred about two years later according to Josephus). The world was temporarily at peace – cowed by the fear of Roman military might. Just prior to A.D. 60 ONLY TWO AREAS of the world were torn by wars and civil fightings. When you discover which areas these were, you will have located where the Lost Ten Tribes, addressed by James, were then living! All one need do is search the records of military history for the period immediately before and up to the year A.D. 60! The results will shock you! Those two lands were the BRITISH ISLES AND THE PARTHIAN EMPIRE! But these were not the only lands to which the exiled House of Israel journeyed. Turn, in your Bible, to I Peter.


To whom did Peter address his letters? Here it is:

“Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the STRANGERS scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia” – (I Peter 1:1).

These were not Gentiles. Peter was not the apostle to the Gentiles (Galatians 2:8). Paul was. Peter was chief apostle to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Notice the word “strangers.” It does not mean Gentiles. The original Greek is “parepidemos”. It means “a resident foreigner,” literally, “an alien alongside.” It refers not to Gentiles, but to non-Gentiles who dwelt among Gentiles, as foreigners and aliens. Abraham, for example, was a stranger, an alien, when he lived among the Canaanite Gentiles in Palestine. Peter was addressing part of the lost ten tribes who dwelt among the Gentiles as aliens or strangers. He was not writing primarily to Jews. He would not have addressed them as “strangers,” for he was himself a Jew. Now notice the regions to which Peter addressed his letter. You may have to look at a Bible map to locate them. They are all located in the NORTHERN HALF of Asia Minor, modern Turkey. These lands lay immediately west of the Parthian Empire!

Paul did not preach in these districts. Paul spent his years in Asia Minor in the SOUTHERN, or Greek half.

“Yea, so have I strived,” said Paul, “to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man’s foundation” – (Romans 15:20).

Paul did not preach in the areas where Peter and others of the twelve apostles had carried the gospel. Nowhere in your New Testament can you find Paul preaching in Pontus, or Cappadocia, or Bithynia. These regions were under the jurisdiction of Peter and certain of the twelve. Paul did spread the gospel in the province of Asia – but only in the southern half, in the districts around Ephesus. Paul was expressly forbidden to preach in Mysia, the northern district of the Roman province of Asia.

“After they” – Paul and his companions – “were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered [permitted] them not. And they passing by Mysia came down to Troas” – (Acts 16:7,8).

Those were the regions in which the lost sheep of the House of Israel dwelt as strangers among the Gentiles! Paul did preach, on his first journey, in SOUTHERN Galatia, in the cities of Iconium, Lystra, Derbe (Acts 14). But nowhere in the New Testament do you find Paul journeying into northern Galatia – the area to which Peter addresses his letter to the tribes of Israel!


Notice the historic proof – confirming Peter’s letters – that a remnant of the House of Israel was settled on the shores of the Black Sea in northern Asia Minor in early New Testament times. Greek writers, in the time of Christ, recognized that the regions of northern Asia Minor were non-Greek (except for a few Greek trading colonies in the port cities). New peoples, the Greeks tell us were living in northern Asia Minor in New Testament times. Here is the surprising account of Diodorus of Sicily:

“… many conquered peoples were removed to other homes and two of these became very great colonies: the one was composed of Assyrians and was removed to the land between Paphlagonia and Pontus, and the other was drawn from Media and planted along the Tanais (the River Don in ancient Scythia – the modern Ukraine, north of the Black Sea, in southern Russia).” – See book II, § 43.

Notice the areas from which these colonies came – Assyria and Media. The very areas to which the House of Israel was taken captive!

“So was Israel carried away out of their own land TO ASSYRIA unto this day” – (II Kings 17:23).

“The king of Assyria took Samaria, and carried Israel away INTO ASSYRIA and placed them in Halah and in Habor by the River of Gozan, and in the CITIES OF THE MEDES” – (verse 6).

The House of Israel dwelt in captivity as aliens or strangers among the Assyrians. When the Assyrians were later removed from their homeland to northern Asia Minor, part of the House of Israel migrated with them! Here’s the proof from Strabo, the geographer. Strabo named the colonists in northern Asia Minor “White Syrians” (12, 3, 9), instead of Assyrians. There were therefore, TWO peoples – Assyrians and White Syrians. Who were these so-called “White Syrians”? None other than the House of Israel which had been carried into Assyrian captivity. “Syria” was the Greek name for the whole eastern Mediterranean coastal strip north of Judea. Because the House of Israel lived in Palestine – southern Syria in Greek terminology – the Greeks called them “White Syrians.” By contrast, the dark-complexioned Arameans remained in Syria and dwell there to this day. When the Assyrians were compelled to migrate to Northern Asia Minor, their former slaves – the “White Syrians” or ten-tribed House of Israel – migrated with them! We find them still there in New Testament times. To these people – the lost sheep of the House of Israel – the strangers among the Assyrians (I Peter 1:1) – the apostle Peter addresses his first letter! Could anything be plainer? The chief apostle to the House of Israel writing to a part of the ten lost tribes dwelling among the Assyrians who originally carried them captive! We shall see later WHEN and WHERE these “lost sheep” migrated from Asia Minor to Northwest Europe. Now to draw back the curtain of history. See where each of the twelve apostles preached. You’ll be amazed at the revelation.


Why is it that almost no one has thought of it before? If multitudes of Greeks in Southern Asia Minor were being converted to Christ by the ministry of Paul, and at the same time multitudes among the lost ten tribes of the House of Israel were being converted in northern Asia Minor, should not those Greeks have left the record of which of the twelve apostles carried the gospel there? Consider this also. The Greeks have not lost the Greek New Testament. They have handed it down from generation to generation. Is it not just as likely that Greek scholars should have preserved the account of the ministry of the twelve apostles? They have done just that! Yet almost no one has believed them! What the Greeks report is not what most people expect to find! Some, who do not understand the difference between the House of Israel and the Jews imagine the apostles went exclusively to Jews. Even some of those who know where the House of Israel is today often cannot believe that several of the tribes of Israel were not, in the apostles’day, where they are today.

Scholars have long puzzled over the remarkable information which the Greeks have handed down. These historical reports of the apostles are altogether different from the spurious apocryphal literature of the early Roman Catholic Church. Greek historians, in the early Middle Ages, have left us information from original documents that apparently are no longer extant. They had firsthand sources of information not now available to the scholarly world. What do those Greek historians report? One valuable source of information is the Greek and Latin “Ecclesiasticae Historiae” of Nicephorus Callistus. Another, in English, is “Antiquitates Apostolicae” by William Cave. Universal Greek tradition declares that the apostles did not leave the Syro-Palestinian region until the end of twelve years’ ministry. The number 12 symbolizes a new organized beginning. Before those twelve years were up one of the apostles was already dead – James, the brother of John. He had been beheaded by Herod (Acts 12). But where did the remaining apostles go?


Begin with Simon Peter. Peter was made by Christ the chief among the twelve apostles to co-ordinate their work. Of necessity Peter would be found traveling to many more regions than he would personally be ministering to. The question is where did he spend most of his time? We know Peter was for a limited time at Babylon in Mesopotamia, from which he wrote the letters to the churches in Asia Minor (I Peter 5:13). Babylon at the time was under the rule of the PARTHIAN EMPIRE! Babylon was the major city from which the apostles in the east worked. Similarly Paul and the evangelists under him used Antioch in Syria as their chief city (Acts 14:26). The order in which Peter, in verse one of his first epistle, named the provinces of Asia Minor – from east to west and back – clearly proves that the letter was sent from Babylon in the east, not Rome in the west. Rome did not become designated as “Modern Babylon” until Christ revealed it, much later, after Peter’s death, in the book of Revelation, chapter 17. Where did Peter spend most of his time after those first twelve years in Palestine? Metapirastes, the Greek historian, reports “that Peter was not only in these WESTERN parts” – the Western Mediterranean – “but particularly that he was a long time” – here we have Peter’s main life work to the Lost Ten Tribes – “… a long time in BRITAIN, where he converted many nations to the faith.” (See marginal note, p. 45, in Cave’s “Antiquitates Apostolicae”.) Peter preached the gospel in Great Britain, not in Rome, the capital of the Gentile world. Paul, not Peter, preached in Rome. The true gospel had not been PUBLICLY preached in Rome before Paul arrived in A.D. 59. Paul never once mentions Peter in his epistle to the brethren in Rome, most of whom had been converted on Pentecost in 31 A.D. Not even the Jews at Rome had heard the gospel preached before Paul arrived! Here is Luke’s inspired account of Paul’s arrival in Rome:

“And it came to pass, that after three days Paul called the chief of the Jews together.” Continuing, Acts 28:21. “And they” – the Jews at Rome – “said unto him, We neither received letters out of Judaea concerning thee, neither any of the brethren that came shewed or spake any harm of thee. But WE DESIRE TO HEAR OF THEE WHAT THOU THINKEST: for as concerning this sect we know that everywhere it is spoken against. And when they had appointed him a day, there came many to him into his lodging; to whom he expounded and testified the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus, both out of the law of Moses, and out of the prophets, from morning till evening” – (verses 21-23).

Here is absolute proof the Jews at Rome had never heard the apostle Peter preach. Oh yes, there had been a “Peter” in Rome ever since the days of Claudius Caesar. That Peter was in a high office. He was chief of the Babylonian Mysteries. His office was that of a “Peter” – meaning an Interpreter or Opener of Secrets. The word “peter”, in Babylonian and Hebrew, means “opener” – hence it is used in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament for “firstling” – one that first OPENS the womb. THAT Peter of Rome was named Simon, too. Simon Magus (Acts 8). He was the leading conspirator in the plot hatched by the priests of the pagan Babylonian-Samaritan mysteries. These plotters sought to seize upon the name of Christ as a cloak for their diabolical religion. These conspirators became the founders of what today masquerades in the world as the “Christian Religion.” – (See III John.) But Simon Peter, Christ’s apostle, was in Britain, preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The very fact that Peter preached in Britain is proof in itself that part of the Lost House of Israel was already there! Peter was commissioned to go to the lost tribes. And significantly, about A.D. 60 great wars overtook Britain – just as James warned (in the fourth chapter, verse 1) the twelve tribes of Israel! Could history be any clearer?


For centuries the Christian world has taken for granted that Peter and Paul are buried in Rome. No one, it seems, has thought to question the tradition. Granted, Paul was brought to Rome about A.D 67. He was beheaded, then buried on the Ostian Way But are his remains still there? Granted, too, that universal tradition declared the apostle Peter was also brought to Rome in Nero’s reign and martyred about the same time. Many pieces of ancient literature – some spurious, some factual – confirm that both Simon Magus, the false apostle, who masqueraded as Peter, and Simon Peter himself died at Rome. The question is – which Simon is buried today under the Vatican? Is there proof that the bones of the apostles Peter and Paul were moved from Rome, and are not there now? YES!

There is a reason the Vatican has been hesitant to claim the apostle Peter’s tomb has been found! They know that it is Simon Magus, the false Peter, who is buried there, not Simon Peter the apostle. Here is what happened. In the year 656 Pope Vitalian decided the Catholic Church was not interested in the remains of the apostles Peter and Paul. THE POPE THEREFORE ORDERED THEM SENT TO OSWY, KING OF BRITAIN! Here is part of his letter to the British king: “HOWEVER, WE HAVE ORDERED THE BLESSED GIFTS OF THE HOLY MARTYRS, THAT IS, THE RELICS OF THE BLESSED APOSTLES, PETER AND PAUL, AND OF THE HOLY MARTYRS LAURENTIUS, JOHN, AND PAUL, AND GREGORY, AND PANCRATIUS, TO BE DELIVERED TO THE BEARERS OF THESE OUR LETTERS, TO BE BY THEM DELIVERED TO YOU” – (Bedes “Ecclesiastical History”, bk. III, ch. 29). Could anything be more astounding? The bones of Peter and Paul (termed “relics” in the Pope’s letter) sent by the Pope from Rome to Britain – to the land of Israel! About a century and a half earlier Constantius of Lyons took the relics of all the apostles and martyrs from Gaul and buried them in a special tomb at ST ALBANS IN BRITAIN. (Life of St Germanus.) Is it significant that the work of God and God’s College in Britain are in St Albans? Think that over!


Britain, after A.D. 449, was settled by hundreds of thousands of new people not there in Peter’s day. History knows them as Angles and Saxons. They came originally from the shores of the Black Sea – where the House of Israel dwelt! In A.D. 256 they began to migrate from northern Asia Minor along the shores of the Black Sea to the Cymbric Peninsula (Denmark) opposite Britain. These were the people to whose ancestors Peter wrote his epistles. Which one of the twelve apostles preached to their ancestors – the so-called “White Syrians” – while they abode by the Bosporus and on the Black Sea? Listen to the answer from Greek historians:

“In this division Andrew had SCYTHIA, and the neighboring countries primarily alloted him for his province. First then he travelled through Cappadocia, (Upper) Galatia and Bithynia, and instructed them in the faith of Christ, passing all along the EUXINE Sea” – the old name for the Black Sea! – “… and so into the solitude of SCYTHIA.”

One early Greek author gives these journeys in special detail, just as if Luke had written an account of the other apostles as he did of Paul. Andrew “went next to Trapezus, a maritime city on the Euxine Sea, whence after many other places he came to Nice, where he stayed two years, preaching and working miracles with great success: thence to Nicomedia, and so to Chalcedon; whence sailing through the Propontis he came by the Euxine Sea to Heraclea, and from thence to Amastris …. He next came to Sinope, a city situated upon the same sea, … here he met with his brother Peter, with whom he stayed a considerable time …. Departing hence, he went again to Amynsus and then … he proposed to return to Jerusalem” – the headquarters church. “Whence after some time he betook himself … to the country of Abasgi [a land in the Caucasus] … Hence he removed into … Asiatic Scythia or Sarmatia, but finding the inhabitants very barbarous and intractable, he stayed not long among them, only at Cherson, or Chersonesus, a great and populous city within the Bosporus [this Bosporus is the modern Crimea], he continued for sometime, instructing them and confirming them in the faith. Hence taking ship, he sailed across the sea to Sinope, situated in Paphlagonia …“ (pp. 137-138 of Cave’s “Antiquitates Apostolicae”.) Here we find Andrew preaching to the very areas in Asia Minor which Paul bypassed. From this region, and from Scythia north of the Black Sea, migrated the ancestors of the Scots and AngIo-Saxons, as we have already seen. They are of the House of Israel – or else Andrew disobeyed his commission! And what of the modern Scottish tradition that Andrew preached to their ancestors? Significant? Indeed!


And where did Simon the Zealot carry the gospel? Here, from the Greek records, is the route of his journey: Simon “directed his journey toward Egypt, then to Cyrene, and Africa … and throughout Mauritania and all Libya, preaching the gospel …. Nor could the coldness of the climate benumb his zeal, or hinder him from whipping himself and the Christian doctrine over to the WESTERN Islands, yea, even to Britain itself. Here he preached and wrought many miracles ….“

Nicephorus and Dorotheus both wrote “that he went at last into BRITAIN, and … was crucified … and buried there” (p. 203 of Cave’s “Antiq. Apost.”). Think of it. Another of the twelve apostles is found preaching to the Lost Tribes of Israel in Britain and the West. But what is Simon the Zealot doing in North Africa? Were remnants of the House of Israel there, too? Had some fled westward in 721 B.C. at the time of the Assyrian conquest of Palestine? Here is Geoffrey of Monmouth’s answer:

“The Saxons … went unto Gormund, King of the Africans, IN IRELAND, wherein, adventuring thither with a vast fleet, he had conquered the folk of the country. Thereupon, by the treachery of the Saxons, he sailed across with a hundred and sixty thousand Africans into Britain … (and) laid waste, as has been said, well-nigh the whole island with his countless thousands of Africans” (bk. xi, sect. 8, 10).

These countless thousands were not Negroes, or Arabs. They were whites – Nordics – who caine from North Africa and Mauritania, where Simon preached. These Nordics, declares the “Universal History” (1748-Vol. xviii, p. 194), “gave out that their ancestors were driven out of Asia by a powerful enemy, and pursued into Greece; from whence they made their escape” to North Africa. “But this … was to be understood only of the WHITE nations inhabiting some parts of western Barbary and Numidia.” What white nation was driven from the western shores of western Asia? The House of Israel! Their powerful enemy? The Assyrians!

For almost three centuries after the time of Simon Zelotes they remained in Mauritania. But they are not in North Africa today. They arrived in Britain shortly after A.D. 449 at the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasion. In A.D. 598, when the bishop of Rome sent Augustine to bring Catholicism to England he found the inhabitants were already professing Christians! Their ancestors had already heard the message from one of the twelve apostles!


Another of the apostles sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel was James, the son of Alphaeus. Some early writers were confused by the fact that two of the twelve apostles were named James. James, son of Alphaeus, was the one who left Palestine after the first twelve years. The deeds of this apostle are sometimes mistakenly assigned to James, John’s brother. But THAT James was already martyred by Herod (Acts 12:2).


“The Spanish writers generally contend, after the death of Stephen he came to these WESTERN parts, and particularly into SPAIN (some add BRITAIN and IRELAND) where he planted Christianity” (p. 148 of Cave’s work).

Note it. Yet another apostle sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel ends in the British Isles – in IRELAND as well as in Britain! Eusebius, in his third book of “Evangelical Demonstrations”, chapter 7, admitted that the apostles “passed over to those which are called the British Isles.” Again he wrote: “Some of the Apostles preached the Gospel in the British Isles.” Could anything be plainer? Even in Spain James spent some time. Why Spain? From ancient times Spain was the high road of migration from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the British Isles. The ancient royal House of Ireland for a time dwelt in Spain. The prophet Jeremiah passed through Spain into Ireland with Zedekiah’s daughters (Jeremiah 41:10; 43:6). Even today a vital part of the Iberian Peninsula – Gibraltar – belongs to the birthright tribe of Ephraim – the British!


Turn, now, to added proof of the apostles’ mission to the lost sheep of the House of Israel in the British Isles. From an old volume, published in 1674, by William Camden, we read:

“The true Christian Religion was planted here most anciently by Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Zelotes, Aristobulus, by St Peter, and St Paul, as may be proved by Dorotheus, Theodoretus and Sophronius.” (“Remains of Britain”, page 5.)

Did you catch that? Paul is now included! Had Paul planned to go from Italy into Spain and then Britain? Here is his answer:

“… I will come by you into Spain” – (Romans 15:28).

Clement of Rome, in his letter to the Corinthians, confirms Paul’s journey to the West. But did that include Britain? Listen to the words of the Greek church historian Theodoret. He reports:

“That St Paul brought salvation TO THE ISLES THAT LIE IN THE OCEAN” (book I, on Psalm 116 p. 870). The British Isles! But was that merely to preach to the Gentiles? Not at all.

Remember that the THIRD AND LAST PART of Paul’s commission, after he revealed Christ to the kings and rulers at Rome, was to bear the name of Jesus to the “children of Israel” – (Acts 9:15) – the Lost Ten Tribes. This is not a prophecy concerning Jews, whom Paul had previously reached in the Greek world of the eastern Mediterranean. This is a prophecy of Paul’s mission to the British Isles! Could anything be more astounding?


James referred to Israel as SCATTERED ABROAD. We have found them in Northwest Europe. And in North Africa, from whence they migrated into Britain in the fifth century. And in northern Asia Minor, associated with the Assyrians. In 256 they began to migrate from the regions of the Black Sea to Denmark. thence into the British Isles in 449.

But remnants of the Ten Lost Tribes were yet in another vast region beyond the confines of the Roman Empire. That region was known as the Kingdom of Parthia. Who the Parthians were has long remained a mystery. They suddenly appear near the Caspian Sea around 700 B.C. as slaves of the Assyrians. “According to Diodorus, who probably followed Ctesias, they passed from the dominion of the Assyrians to that of the Medes, and from dependence upon the Medes to a similar position under the Persians.” (Rawlinson’s “Monarchies”, Vol. IV, p. 26, quoted from Diod. Sic., ii 2, § 3; 34, § I and § 6.) The Parthians rose to power around 250 B.C. in the lands along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. That was the very land into which Israel was EXILED! What puzzles historians is that the Parthians were neither Persians, nor Medes, nor Assyrians or any other known people. Even their name breathes mystery – until you understand the Bible. The word PARTHIAN MEANS EXILE! (See Rawlinson’s “The Sixth Monarchy”, page 19.) The only exiles in this land were the ten tribes of Israel! The Parthians were none other than the exiled Lost Ten Thbes who remained in the land of their captivity until A.D. 226. That’s when the Persians drove them into Europe. Now consider this. James addressed his letter to the twelve tribes of Israel scattered abroad. He warns the Israelites against the wars being waged among themselves. When James wrote his letter about A.D. 60 the world was at peace except for two regions – Britain and Parthia! There is no mistaking this. Parthia and Britain were Israelite.

Which of the twelve apostles carried the gospel to the Parthian Israelites? The Greek historians reveal that Thomas brought the gospel to “Parthia, after which Sophornius and others inform us, that he preached the gospel to the Medes, Persians, Carmans, Hyrcani, Bactrians, and the neighbor nations” (Cave’s “Antiq. Apost.”, p. 189). These strange sounding names are the lands we know today as Iran (or Persia) and Afghanistan. In apostolic days the whole region was subject to the Parthians. Though many Israelites had left the region already, multitudes remained behind, spread over adjoining territory They lost their identity and became identified with the names of the districts in which they lived. Josephus, the Jewish historian, was familiar with Parthia as a major dwelling place of the Ten Tribes. He declares:

“But then the entire body of the people of Israel (the Ten Tribes) REMAINED IN THAT COUNTRY (they did not return to Palestine); wherefore there are but two tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans, while the ten tribes are beyond Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude and not to be estimated by numbers” (“Antiq. of the Jews”, bk. xi, ch. v, § 2).

There it is! The very area to which Thomas sojourned was, reports Josephus, filled with uncounted multitudes of the Ten Tribes! Josephus was, apparently, unaware of those who had already migrated westward. But he does make it plain that only the House of Judah ever returned to Palestine. The House of Israel was “beyond Euphrates till now”! Parthia was defeated by Persia in 226 A.D. Expelled from Parthia, the Ten Tribes and the Medes moved north of the Black Sea, into Scythia. (See R. G. Latham’s “The Native Races of the Russian Empire”, page 216.) From there, around A.D. 256, the Ten Tribes migrated with their brethren from Asia Minor into Northwest Europe. This migration was occasioned by a concerted Roman attack in the east. It backfired on the Romans, for hordes of Israelites and Assyrians suddenly broke through the Roman defences in the West that same year!

Thomas also journeyed into Northwest India, east of Persia, where the “White Indians” dwelt. These “White Indians” – that is, whites living in India-were also known as “Nephthalite Huns”, in later Greek records. Any connection with the tribe of Naphthali? They were overthrown in the sixth century and migrated into Scandinavia. The archaeology of Scandinavia confirms this event. BARTHOLOMEW shared, with Thomas, the same vast plains, according to Nicephorus. Bartholomew also spent part of his time in neighboring Armenia and a portion of Upper Phrygia in Asia Minor. Nicephorus termed the area, in his history the “Western and Northern parts of Asia,” by which he meant Upper Asia Minor, modern Turkey today. This was the same district to which Andrew carried the gospel, and to which Peter sent two of his letters. JUDE, also named Libbaeus Thaddaeus, had part in the ministry in Assyria and Mesopotamia. That is part of Parthia which Josephus designated as still inhabited by the Ten Tribes. The Parthian kingdom, which was composed of the Ten Tribes ruling over Gentiles, possessed Assyria and Mesopotamia during most of the New Testament period. From the famous city Babylon, in Mesopotamia, Peter directed the work of all the apostles in the East. Scythia and Upper Asia (meaning Asia Minor) were the regions assigned to Philip. (See Cave’s “Antiq. Apost.”, p. 168.) Scythia was the name of the vast plain north of the Black and the Caspian Seas. To this region a great colony of Israelites migrated after the fall of the Persian Empire in 331. From Scythia migrated the SCOTS. The word Scot is derived from the word Scyth. It means an inhabitant of Scythia. The Scots are part of the House of Israel. Interestingly, the word Scythia, in Celtic, has the same meaning that HEBREW does in the Semitic language – a migrant or wanderer!


Matthew, Metaphrastes tells us, “went first into Parthia, and having successfully planted Christianity in those parts, thence travelled to Aethiopia, that is, the Asiatic Aethiopia, lying near India.” For some centuries this region of the Hindu Kush, bordering on Scythia and Parthia, was known as “White India.” It lies slightly east of the area where the Assyrians settled the Israelite captives. A natural process of growth led the House of Israel to these sparsely populated regions. From there they migrated to Northwest Europe in the sixth century long after the Apostles’ time. Dorotheus declares Matthew was buried at Hierapolis in Parthia. The Parthian kingdom was, in fact, a loose union of those lost tribes of Israel who dwelt in Central Asia during this period. The Persians finally drove them all out. Whenever Parthia prospered, other nations prospered. Whenever the Parthians suffered reverses, other nations suffered. Remember the Scripture:

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” – (Genesis 12:3).

Ethiopic and Greek sources designate Dacia (modern Romania) and Macedonia, north of Greece, as part of the ministry of Matthias. Dacia was the extreme western part of Scythia. From Dacia came the Normans who ultimately settled in France and Britain. The French tradition that Mary, the mother of Jesus, journeyed into Gaul (modern France) lends heavy weight to John’s having been in Gaul in his earlier years. It was to John that Jesus committed Mary’s care. She would be where he was working. Paul knew Gaul to be an area settled by the House of Israel. He bypassed Gaul on his way from Italy to Spain (Romans 15:24, 28). Gaul must have been reached by one of the twelve. How plain! How can any misunderstand! Here is historic PROOF to confirm, absolutely, the identity and location of “the House of Israel.” The identity of Israel, from secular sources, is itself also independent and absolute proof of where the twelve apostles carried out God’s work. How marvelous are the mysteries of God when we understand them!

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117 Responses to Lost Tribes Of Israel Are White People

  1. Anon says:

    wow…. thank you for this…. I sought, and I found… your blog has been a serious source of strengthening of my faith, and I hope I can use it to turn a lot of new agers I know to Christ before it is too late.

    • No problem, thanks for the reply

    • Anonymous says:

      All of that’s a pure rubbish!!!! Lies right out of the mouth of satan

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for this! The end times people will call good evil and evil good. White people are the only ones who have any God like traits at all in the world. We were slaves many times more than anyone else. We went around the world giving food and medical care and the Gospel. Without ever asking for anything in return. The Jews own the media and the central banks and every other race can say whatever they want about us and it’s okay.. They made up “White Privilege” saying we don’t know what it’s like to be victims of racism. We are the only true victims of racism! I have been here for 49 years and have been part of the only truly hated race in the world! And no, I am not sorry if we are the true bad asses when it comes to war and defending ourselves, our kin or our God!

      • raf says:

        how in the hell you are going to deliver anyone to Christ from a false standpoint. This article is scientifically,religiously, geographically incorrect and false. This is some of the most made up bull i have ever seen and you say whites have been enslaved more then any other race , are you nuts? White ppl are the devil in the bible and on earth , who has started all wars? who has military bases all over the world? who brought missionaries to force a lie upon ppl? who painted ceasor Borgia as Jesus bc he was white? y’all are not gods ppl yall are satans kids study your own history and it will show YEE HAVE LAYED LOW THE NATIONS AND ARE TRYING TO BE GOD . study more before you try to deliver someone to Christ in TRUTH not a bias belief or false article such as this one.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dear Raf, you obviously are the one who is ignorant here! Read the bible and actually do some of your own research. The Jew is the devil in the Bible. Not the white Man! The Jews are the war mongers and want to kill your race too mr. Black man!!!!

  2. lyon says:

    Verrry interesting. I came across something interesting the other day; apparently the Illuminati is some sort of bloodline: that is the elites, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Royal family of Britain- and they believe they are descendants of the tribe of Dan, or at least some of them. They also marry within the bloodline, and sometimes set up two separate marriages, one for the press and a private one for the continuity of the bloodline.. Considering the British are inveterate Satanists, (no offense to Brits) what does this say about God’s ‘chosen’ people ?

  3. lyon says:

    Hey can you do a piece on fallen angels- Nephilim i think, I’ve always wondered is it possible that after the flood- that demons continued to hook up with women, if so then most of the powerful people of the world would be of that lineage. (Gen 6:4)

  4. JUDAH says:


    • tony says:

      I bet you are a black person? Right?
      If you look up the very word Adam in Strong’s bible dictionary, you will see that Adam means to be red,rosy, to show blood in the face, you know to blush!
      There are only one race on this earth that can blush and that is the white race.
      There are wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many ancient and modern proofs that not only point to the white European people being the northern tribes of Israel the Assyrians captured in 722bc.
      I can tell you this friend, Christ Yeshua will straighten all the problems and misinformation out for you when He returns.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are Edomites.. They wanna be everybody, but who they truly are…. Liars, robbers, raspiest and killers from day one. The are the seed of Esau.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Judah You Were Not even given the land of Isn’treal until 1948! When you assholes were kicked out of ALL of Europe son of Esau! You people are going to Hell cause you are the true Edomites! Esau was the ugly little hairy baby born first and you sold your birthright to our Father Jacob! the term Saxon comes from Isaac’s son. Meaning Jacob. The Bible says in Genesis Chapter 14 that Isaac’s wife had two nations inside her. The Bible also says that God said “For Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated” You are the Edomite scum!!!!! Go Read your foul and disgusting Babylonian Talmud some more that says, mary was a whore and that Jesus is in hell and boiling in hot excrement okay Mr. Israhell??

  5. JUDAH says:


  6. JUDAH says:


  7. NYC_Chic says:

    This is pure silliness. When you look at the White man’s murderous history, it is clear that he is not God’s chosen people. That same boastful, jealous nature that caused Lucifer to challenge God colors the White man’s every interaction with his fellow man. Everywhere the Whiteman has gone, he has killed, brutalized, colonized, pillaged, bastardized and destroyed. His nature is warlike and blood thirsty.
    The Whiteman is the devil and there is no righteousness in him. Something about the inherent weakness of being reccessive puts him in eternal conflict with everything natural and pure where he has to find a way to do it “better” or to remake it in his own image. White man can’t just let anything be and can’t simply live without fear and loathing.
    Not the chosen people at all.
    I don’t know enough theology to argue with all of the history you’ve used as your basis but the spirit of truth within me rejects this.
    The political councils that decided which books were presided over by European colonialists who would have censored true mentions of themselves in the Holy Books.
    Also, cleanliness is next to Godliness and until after seeing how the other people of the world lived did the white man learn basic cleanliness. A Thousand years after Christ and the time the apostles would have came to preach the Gospel to them, people in Europe did not bathe, lived like savage animals, had so many rats and lice that huge numbers of them died of plagues. Its disgusting to even think about.
    I think this is really wishful thinking on your part. There would be some remnant of the people who had accepted the gospel if the Apostles had gone to the White man and there isn’t.

    • Google truth about Slavery. Everything that the Jews do get’s blamed on whites. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq wars etc.

    • duvalian says:

      “The Whiteman is the devil and there is no righteousness in him.”

      — Based on what, your own personal (presumably Afrocentric) decree? There are no evil actions committed by White people that are not also committed by the peoples of other races. Singling out Whites for special guilt is not only hypocritical, but deceitful; and we all know who the father of deceit is.

      Romans 3:10 As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one.

      Further, if physical cleanliness is any indicator of spiritual cleanliness, then the Black race is the wickedest people on the face of the planet! A cursory glimpse at Haiti, or into any AIDS-stricken African village will demonstrate that fact; what’s more, you needn’t millennium-hop to do so.

    • DMV Z says:

      No one can argue with the fact
      That’s a great preachers in the Bible in print came out of England
      It is the white race that actually it seems to me have God That have the oracles of God
      I’m not white but I’m a Christian it seems that to me from what I can plainly see
      It doesn’t make any difference to me cuz I don’t careWhat is puzzling is how God if he is white and love me so much and the white race hate me so much

      • Anonymous says:

        because you never had a covenant with the God of Israel. Only Abraham’s seed had the covenant.(Gal 3:29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.) That is the new covenant, because Christ is a seed of Abraham according to the flesh. 3:16 (B) “He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one,” In other words, ” Not to many races but to one race.”
        Your skin color is a spiritual discernment too true Israelite’s . Not that they truly hate you, but rather they truly hate evil, and evil has no part in the new covenant.
        Look at Furguson and see the evil in race, and no respect for the law. Gods laws was planted in the hearts of our white forefathers and is passed as a spiritual seed law to control the flesh.

      • raf says:


      • Anonymous says:

        The Entire White Race is hated all over the world. We have been for hundreds of years for Christ’s name sake. Anyone black, White ,Red, Brown, are all God’s creatures. If you believe, you are Christ’s! So rejoice if the world hates you and Christ loves you! I am a first cousin to King James and you are blessed!!! I am a great granddaughter to Lord Baltimore too.

    • Actually white men don’t have a murderous history, but black men do. Look at crime. Who does the most murder, rape, and theft. Black people do. So how many rapes do white men commit? Zero, nada. It doesn’t happen. However, with blacks it is common. Murder is also common with blacks. All you have to do is to look around you. Blacks are not Hebrews or Israel, they have never invented anything, or were responsible for building any civilization or nation. All of this came from the white man. In reality, it is the black race that has a murderous past.

  8. Danny O'Neal says:

    NYC CHICK : You are Stupid !!!!! The bible tells that we are Joseph’s people . And Western Europe … He also say’s we will become soft and lose our will to fight and we will become a flat cake half done white on one side and black & brown on the other. It tell about us being the breadbasket of the world. Having the gates to our enemies lands . Talks about England at it’s most powerful point will on so much land that the sun will never sit on it. Ole it also say’s that he punished our people long ago for sleeping with the ones hung like donkey’s that spew like horses. “Wonder who it’s referring to ??????????

    • wm says:

      If only the white race was able to love the way God loves
      Great preachers did come out of England
      The first baby cradle was made in England

      It is obvious that the white race are the ones that God uses
      To expound his word to the world
      I don’t care because whatever God does is fine with me
      I’m Hispanic in all my life
      God has treated me like a princess
      Feelings in miracles I mean God really pours it out on me and my family
      I don’t care who God uses I’m just glad that he loves me
      But the white race is nothing like God
      Yes they produce brilliant minds
      Not as brilliant as the Jews but they do produce some great minds
      But the hatred they have for anybody that’s not white
      This does not come from God
      But it comes from Satan I know
      I’m on my phone I hope I make it sense with some words
      That is the one thing that I would question
      If the white people are the chosen people of God in the Bible
      The people of God in the Bible are not that way
      Except concerning their law of Moses
      I can’t even describe in words how much God loves me
      How wonderful he treats me and my family
      One miracle after another
      The white race is nothing like God
      However they do
      Contribute most of what the world possesses
      Came from their minds
      God is my savior

    • wm says:

      All my life of white race has done nothing but hate me and abuse me
      But when Jesus found me
      Save me he loves me
      Raises the question
      Why are the white people not like God
      Everything God does Is love
      The way God Has treated me all
      Is the complete opposite of how the white race has treated me
      my life
      Is the complete opposite
      Of how the flights have treated me

    • wm says:

      Without love you are nothing Paul the Apostle said this
      If you are the chosen people of God
      Why do you not love like God?
      It is Lucifer that was filled with pride not God
      You are nothing nothing like God
      Whites have abused me and hating me all my life
      But when I personally met God
      I found out that he is not the one doing that
      White race is nothing like God
      God loves the white race hates
      Anyone who is not white
      It doesn’t make any difference to me the white race are His chosen people
      One thing I know God is nothing like the white ring
      There’s no resemblance whatsoever

      • wm says:

        God revealed to me that the white race are the Romans they are not Israel
        Look at America it was patterned after the ancient Roman Empire
        In every aspect its just like Rome
        Believe me or not I don’t care but God told me that America is Rome
        And the white people are descended from the ancient Romans And the ancient Greeks all of whom were quite
        Just like the Romans contributed the great things to the world so the white people now
        But God said the modern-day flights are descended from the ancient Romans

        • Alan says:

          Stop lying, God has not told you anything.

          Eze 13:6 They have seen vanity and lying divination, saying, The LORD saith: and the LORD hath not sent them: and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word.
          Eze 13:7 Have ye not seen a vain vision, and have ye not spoken a lying divination, whereas ye say, The LORD saith it; albeit I have not spoken?
          Eze 13:8 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because ye have spoken vanity, and seen lies, therefore, behold, I am against you, saith the Lord GOD.
          Eze 13:9 And mine hand shall be upon the prophets that see vanity, and that divine lies: they shall not be in the assembly of my people, neither shall they be written in the writing of the house of Israel, neither shall they enter into the land of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the Lord GOD.

          • Christine says:

            The terms Lord, god Jesus are pagan deities u bring The Creators name to naught by using those names

          • raf says:

            STOP LYING !!!!!

            Romans 2:11 – For there is no respect of persons with God.

            2 Chronicles 14:12 – So the LORD smote the Ethiopians before Asa, and before Judah; and the Ethiopians fled.

            John 7:24 – Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

            Jeremiah 13:21-25 – What wilt thou say when he shall punish thee? for thou hast taught them [to be] captains, [and] as chief over thee: shall not sorrows take thee, as a woman in travail? (Read More…)

            Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

            Acts 8:27-31 – And he arose and went: and, behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who had the charge of all her treasure, and had come to Jerusalem for to worship, (Read More…)

            Daniel 7:9 – I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment [was] white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne [was like] the fiery flame, [and] his wheels [as] burning fire.

            Zephaniah 2:12 – Ye Ethiopians also, ye [shall be] slain by my sword.

            John 3:19 – And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

            Song of Solomon 1:5-6 – I [am] black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. (Read More…)

            Lamentations 4:8 – Their visage is blacker than a coal; they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaveth to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a stick.

            2 Peter 2:19-22 – While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. (Read More…)

            • Anonymous says:

              I didn’t lie, you did when you called me a white devil. So if skin color doesn’t matter because God loves all whom he created, why are my people the devil raf? Why don’t you also read in the gospels of how Jesus spoke to the Scribes and Pharisees and the Sanhedrin and the Saducees?ALL JEWS BY THE WAY!!!!

            • RAF says:

              number one the word and title jew is made up, second khazars and Ashkenazi are white ppl, the descendants of Japheth are also white, the descedants of gomer are also why dso no sir you go do your research and repent of your white privelage conscious and your internal hate and envy because its coming to truth that black ppl those slaves you brought over are gods ppl and that’s why all you white folks are scared now bc now realization has come that yall and your ancestor have screwed up and didn’t do anything about it now GOD HAS .

            • Anonymous says:

              You Stupid cursed descendant of Ham! Cursed to be the servants of servants! You don’t scare anyone you stupid ignorant Nigger shit skin Muther Fucker!!! Ain’t no White man is afraid of you spook!!!!

            • Christine says:

              Noggers are field beasts spoken of in genesis

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes Christine! You are right!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I can’t believe i sat through the entire article, especially the horrifying responses, but you anticipate biased responses when you hear that 1 race is specifically gods people, i would say thats just pride or inherited arrogance, we are all human and apart from the named animals, there’s a spark of the divine in everyone, some cast it aside, some hold true. The one main problem is that anyone religious thinks they serve the one true god, believing themselves to be just, but the only true justice is mercy, evident in gods love and jesus’s forgiveness, I am white, not to be confused as a racist, but I don’t think I should even mention this considering 90% of readers just judged me. Just know that god created existence therefore he is outside of reality, easily confused with not being real, but reality is merely a blurred perception, because god is antimatter for a lack of a better term, and nothing is everything, the god of this world is the accuser and we are easily confused, god was not born by another, he unknowable, ineffible, omnipresent, etc…it means he is outside of time and reality, but my wisdom fails me as I am tired, be who you Are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter don’t mind, (Dr. Seuss), wisdom is child’s play to those who seek she’s incredibly easy to find if your persistent and perceptive, for what its worth you all have my hopes and blessings sorry for being white lmao

      • Anonymous says:

        You are the hater!

    • Anonymous says:

      What verse?

  9. Seth says:

    CAIN is your ancestor white man, and guess who his father was!

    I find it most interesting that the WHITE RACE truly is behind every evil in this world, and make up the totality of the Bloodline and ancient organized secret societies who are the actual instigators of every evil, and evil Satanic organization, for centuries, whilst blaming it on the then weakened, displaced Jews! One only need to seriously look into the actual *white* pedigree of the Rothschilds, Hapsburgs, Merovingians, Plantagenets, Windsors, and every other supposed “Royal” white lineage and ALL of their relations. They are the ones who also make up the Freemasons, WHITE Lodge, and every other Satanic worshipping organization since Cain!

    Your Occult Templar, Freemason, Golden Dawn and OTO lineage alone, white man, speaks volumes!

    Yeah, you’re really aren’t John the Baptist, are you guy?! Not even close, you might want to wonder if you might not still be possessed by demons however! I find it very interesting how you keep your audience deceived here by telling them on the one hand, they are all the “true Israel” (a belief that is also believed by the evil white supremists, KKK, Nazi’s, and every other racist camp) and on the other hand, tell them Prince William could never be the Antichrist!

    For those of you out there who want to LEARN THE TRUTH about your heritage, etc…

    • Anonymous says:

      I am of Black and German descent and I will say this, the thoughts that flow from the sanctuary of your mind come from a seed which you’ve allowed satan to plant there! The anger in your text reveals to satan that his work with you is going according to plan. We all have our own individual battle through the darkness in which we must find The Light, don’t be so overly concerned with others that you lose sight of your own destination. Shalom!

    • Alan says:

      You have nothing but lies, hate, and evil for the white race because you are a wicked race of people blaming the white Israelite race for the evil that was done by the synagogue of Satan Jews. You blacks are a Genesis 1 creation, and are not Israel, Israelite s, Judah, or Hebrews. That belongs to the white race majority. You are Jealous, and envious of Yahwah Eloheem Children of Light. What color is natural light? It’s white, not Black.

      According to the Bible there are three categories of “men” in the earth, and this term does not denote gender. The first one of these was an earthly creation of God, and in the original Paleo Hebrew text they were called the “en-oshe”.(Africans, Asians, etc, and some white people) The second one of these three was a heavenly creation of God, and was “cast” into the earth as recorded in Revelation 12:9. (Satan and his messengers-aka demons) The third one of these is not a creation of God, but is His offspring, and was “formed” into the earth.(Many White Eloheem Children of Light) In the Paleo Hebrew text of Genesis 2:7 this one was called Paleo Hebrew letters for THE ADAM – heavenly beings in the living earthLink to Paleo Hebrew Alphabet “ET-YADAM” from which the English term “the Adam” is derived, and Luke 3:38 says he “was the son of God.” As was prophesied Jesus would be born in Bethlehem into the racial line of the Adam. He would take on a flesh body through a definite “seed” line, Genesis 3:15 and Hebrews 2:16. The Bible is the book about this racial SEED LINE which is stated in Genesis 5:1 “This is the book of the generations of Adam.” The English word “generations” is translated from the Paleo Hebrew word “to-led-aw” and literally means “descendants, genealogies, to beget”. What does this verse mean to you now? “This is the book of the generations (genealogies, descendants) of Adam (ET-YADAM).” This racial lineage is so important that it is recorded in the very FIRST books of the Old and New Testament.

      The Bible’s message pertains to only ONE race of people, the Adamic sons of God, which were known then as the people of Israel, and are known today as the white western people. The other races are a creation, and are only mentioned when they impacted God’s racial children, His chosen people. It cannot be stressed enough that the people known as the Jews have NEVER been Israel or God’s chosen people, but are the “seed” of the serpent, the racial descendants of the Devil as Yahwasua-aka Jesus states in John 8:31-59.

      BLOOD IN THE FACE……BLUSH No other race of people can blush.

      Jeremiah 6:14

      13″For from the least of them even to the greatest of them, Everyone is greedy for gain, And from the prophet even to the priest Everyone deals falsely. 14″They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace. 15″Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done? They were not even ashamed at all; They did not even know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; At the time that I punish them, They shall be cast down,” says the LORD.…

      noun \ˈbləsh\

      : the red color that spreads over your face when you are ashamed, embarrassed, confused, etc.

      : a slight red or pink color

      Full Definition of BLUSH
      : outward appearance : view
      : a reddening of the face especially from shame, modesty, or confusion
      : a red or rosy tint

      From H119; ruddy, that is, a human being (an individual or the species, mankind, etc.): – X another, + common sort, X low, man (mean, of low degree), person.
      From H119; soil (from its general redness): – country, earth, ground, husband [-man] (-ry), land.

      אדמוני אדמני
      ‘admônı̂y ‘admônı̂y
      ad-mo-nee’, ad-mo-nee’
      From H119; reddish (of the hair or the complexion): – red, ruddy.

      From H119; rosy: – red, ruddy.

      To show blood (in the face), that is, flush or turn rosy: – be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).

      Ezr 9:1 Now when these things were done, the princes came to me, saying, The people of Israel, and the priests, and the Levites, have not separated themselves from the people of the lands, doing according to their abominations, even of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Egyptians, and the Amorites.
      Ezr 9:2 For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass.
      Ezr 9:3 And when I heard this thing, I rent my garment and my mantle, and plucked off the hair of my head and of my beard, and sat down astonied.
      Ezr 9:4 Then were assembled unto me every one that trembled at the words of the God of Israel, because of the transgression of those that had been carried away; and I sat astonied until the evening sacrifice.
      Ezr 9:5 And at the evening sacrifice I arose up from my heaviness; and having rent my garment and my mantle, I fell upon my knees, and spread out my hands unto the LORD my God,
      Ezr 9:6 And said, O my God, I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face to thee, my God: for our iniquities are increased over our head, and our trespass is grown up unto the heavens.
      Ezr 9:7 Since the days of our fathers have we been in a great trespass unto this day; and for our iniquities have we, our kings, and our priests, been delivered into the hand of the kings of the lands, to the sword, to captivity, and to a spoil, and to confusion of face, as it is this day.

      A primitive root; properly to wound; but only figuratively, to taunt or insult: – be (make) ashamed, blush, be confounded, be put to confusion, hurt, reproach, (do, put to) shame.
      The definition of a blush is when the face becomes red either from shame or shyness.
      A woman’s face turning red after being told she’s beautiful is an example of a blush.
      Blush means to turn red, usually in the face, from shyness or embarrassment.
      A person’s face turning red because someone walks in on them while showering is an example of to blush.
      intransitive verb
      to become red in the face from shame, embarrassment, or confusion
      to be ashamed or embarrassed: to be or become rosy

      Proof Moses was a White Man according to the Black Queen of Cush in the book of Jasher, when she states Moses flesh was not as theirs. This is confirmed in Jasher 76, and the books of Joshua, and 2 Sam confirms that the book of Jasher is legitimate. “Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?”Joshua, 10,13. “Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher.” II. Samuel,1,18 I rest my case against these false black African Israelites. Majority of whites, are Indeed the true Israelites.
      The White King Solomon’s Black Mistress confirming Solomon to be a White Man:
      Son_5:10 My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

      King David was also white, confirmed here:
      1Sa_16:12 And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to. And the LORD said, Arise, anoint him: for this is he.
      1Sa_17:42 And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance.

      Yahwasua – aka Jesus the Christ was also White Israelite, not Esau Jews. Jews are Esau, and not of the white Israelite race.
      Lam_4:7 Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire:

      These Black Israelite cults Just do not understand the following Scripture:
      Rev 1:14 His HEAD and his hairs were WHITE like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes
      were as a flame of fire.
      Here is the following definition of head: HEAD 1
      : the upper or anterior division of the body that contains the brain, the chief sense organs, and the mouth. 2. the end that is upper or higher or opposite the foot. 3. the uppermost extremity or projecting part of an object : top 4. the division of the human body that contains the brain, the eyes, the ears, the nose, and the mouth; also : the corresponding anterior division of the body of various animals including all vertebrates, most arthropods, and many mollusks and worms.
      Mar_6:24 And she went forth, and said unto her mother, What shall I ask? And she said, The HEAD of John the Baptist.
      Mar_6:25 And she came in straightway with haste unto the king, and asked, saying, I will that thou give me by and by in a charger the HEAD of John the Baptist.
      Probably from the primary wordκάπτω kaptō (in the sense of seizing); the head (as the part most readily taken hold of), literally or figuratively: – head.

      The HAIR, and HEAD White like wool Refers to the Color, not the Texture, so this shows that Yahwah Eloheem God, and Yahwasua Eloheem is white. He also states he is light, and light is white, so his White race represent that light, and are considered the children of Light.

      Also brass melting in a furnace is white hot, go to any foundry, and look at brass melting, and you will see that it is white hot. Once it is poured, and cooled, it is a Golden color, not a dark brown tarnish color.

      • Stein says:

        All I can say, is you are truly messed up. You think, right is wrong n wrong is right. I really feel sorry for you. You really really really need to go back to your Bible and read it again… Cause you are totally lost. You have been getting some crazy teaching from someone.

        • Christine says:

          Jooz are khazzars and blacks are the field beasts mentioned in Genesis 👍

          • tinkler gypsy hebrew says:

            Here you ya cheeky monkey ‘hun’, watch what you mean by ‘black’ cos you certainly don’t understand what ‘white’ means. https://youtu.be/TIR8nmXt6RI

            • Christine says:

              Get lost u stupid nogger your opinion is worth jack and I bet u anything u are living on white turf HATER

            • Christine says:

              Now Genesis 2:18-20 makes sense. Yahweh saw that Adam needed a wife and, not condemning anybody without a fair chance to make good, Yahweh carefully looked over the pre-Adamic races (African and Asiatic) to see if one of them could be found who was suitable to be Adam’s wife and the mother of the new race but, he couldn’t find one. In the Hebrew this reads, “And Yahweh said, Not good for the Awdawm to be alone. I shall make him a helper, as his counterpart. And Yahweh formed from the ground every living being of the fields and every fowl of the heavens and bringeth in unto the Awdawm to see what he doth call it; and whatever the Awdawm calleth a nephesh kahw-yaw, (a breathing creature having life), that is its name. And the Awdawm calleth names to all the cattle and to the fowl of the heavens and to every living being of the fields; and to him hath not been found an helper as his counterpart.” Yahweh recognized Adam’s wife must be his counterpart, having the same qualities of spiritual understanding, to be able to transmit to her descendants the same qualities for which Yahweh specially placed Adam in the world. But Yahweh could not find even one out of these pre-Adamic peoples who was Adam’s counterpart, having these necessary qualities.

              Before someone gets the idea that I hate other races, let’s look at this thing a little closer. The black race has been on earth at least 40,000 years, for identifiable negroid skeletons have been discovered which can be scientifically dated as that old. Yet in all those 40,000 years there has never been a negro civilization. Yes, I know that a few negro tribal chiefs have conquered other tribes and built themselves up a larger kingdom. But, it takes more than the brutal tyranny of a successful war chief to make a civilization and that was all they had. Don’t speak of Egypt, Egypt was in Africa but never negroid. The beautiful portrait sculptures left by the ancient Egyptians show them to have been clearly a pure white people. In the days of Egypt’s greatness, any negro found north of the first cataract of the Nile river was summarily killed on sight to protect the racial purity of the Egyptians.

              We don’t hate negroes, we want them to be well fed, well clothed, comfortably housed and in no danger of being eaten by other negroes, something they have never had except in a civilization created and maintained by white men. Despite all propaganda, every negro in the United States is far better off than those in Africa. Just try to find any who want to go back to any black nation in Africa! But neither negroes nor whites will have the blessings of civilization in a nation reduced to black standards of thinking. If the negroes were capable of producing a civilization at all, 40,000 years is long enough to do it.

            • tinkler gypsy hebrew says:

              Never you mind attempting to justify your bigoted racist ‘white’ Anglo Saxon Protestant brainwashed nonsense with quotes from the bible. Away and watch that video and see if you can make the connection to this – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25885519

            • Christine says:

              Hahah u really are an idiot, that link u posted shows clearly that man wasEuropean, skin colour is just one detail of whiteness u Dumbarse, looks clearly white to me, and shove that word racist where the sun don’t shine, nonsense babble invented by a JOO Trotsky in the 30’s to silence white people, anti racist is a code word for anti white.

        • Christine says:

          The Jews admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their writings. Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following:
          “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3). Stoopid joo

      • Christine says:

        ******NEWSFLASH***** White people are Adamites jooz are cainanites u fool their daddy is the snake (devil) John 8.44

      • Anonymous says:

        Now this where I will agree up to the point of your ignorance , that’s he deeper root of all this we are no color dude we are beings of light PERIOD , sent to earth , color and melanin are different aspects when talking of Gods chosen. Ppl when he speaks of them geographically and scientifically it all goes to blacks bc who has the highest form of God “melanin” well that happens to be black “I OUT “darkness came light “

    • Alan says:

      There is a very strong association between the color black or darkness and the subject of sin in the scriptures. This is in contrast to the association between the color white or light and the subject of righteousness. Black is the absence of color, just like dark is the absence of light. Sin is defined as the transgression of the law: 1 John 3:4 “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.”
      God made a strong distinction between light and darkness in the creation: Gen. 1:2 “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. 5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.”

      In viewing the association between black, or darkness and sin we will notice several aspects of sin pointed out by this association:

      The color black is associated with sin:
      1. Job 30:30 “My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat.”
      2. Song 1:5 “I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. 6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.”
      3. Jere 8:21 “For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me.”
      The “pale” horse in verse 8 we are told is associated with Death and Hell. Based on the above we are brought to understand that the four spirits that the four horses in Revelation represent are the spirits of righteousness (white), warfare (red), sin (black), and death and hell (pale).

      The Effects of the Law of Sin and Death

      The color, black or dark, and sin are very closely associated in the scriptures. Many lessons are taught us about sin often when we find the color black or dark. One of the lessons taught us is the effects of the law of sin and death.

      The law of sin and death was given by God to Adam in Gen. 2:16, 17: “And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” Death is the consequence of sin. Whenever Adam transgressed the law he brought himself and all of his posterity under the law of sin and death. There was an immediate death upon Adam followed by a later death and the condemnation of an even later death. Sin has three great consequences: these consequences are the condemnation of sin, the corruption of sin, and the bondage of sin. The condemnation of sin is an eternal condemnation. The corruption of sin is death of the natural body. The bondage of sin is the total depravity of the flesh nature of man.

      Song of Solomon chapter one verses five and six speak to us of the condemnation, corruption and bondage of sin: “I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.” When the speaker says “I am black” she is not referring to her skin color. She is referring to her sin-cursed nature and depravity due to the law of sin and death.

      Also, she says that “I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me.” The sun is used as a figure of the righteousness of the law. When we contrast what we are by nature as compared to the righteousness of the law, we must confess ourselves to be ruined, hell-deserving sinners and altogether corrupt. Paul describes the corruption of man in Rom. 3:9-1: “What then? are we better than they? No, in no wise: for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin; As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: Their feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace have they not known: There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

    • kainan says:

      I’m just curious. I though Cain was before the flood of Noah. So wouldn’t that make Cain a long goner?

    • Christine says:

      All that babble u rave on about is all jooz not European (white people) http://www.incogman.com wake up u fool the Edomites are out to destroy the true chosen of Father (Europeans) because they know who we really are they have usurped our birthright.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so wrong! Jesus told the scribes and Pharisees that they were murderers from the beginning starting with the blood of Abel. Adam and Eve both white BTW, were the parents of both Cain and Abel! God cursed Cain and gave him a wife in the land of Nod a beast of the field. After he cursed Cain by marking his Face! By making him a Jew! Jews aren’t White european people. White European people are the most Beautiful people on the Earth. with thin straight hair and No Hooks in their noses and they are the only ones who can Blush. We are the true people of color with Blond, Red or Brown hair and Blue,Green or Brown eyes. some are Pinkish white to yellow olive NOT GREEN! Green is the undertone of the Jew who also has nigger hair. if any look close to us, its because some people intermarry and race mix. you people hate us for no reason! Son of ham!!! Cursed one!! For people that hate us so much why do you always try to get with us? We can’t stand you stinky fuckers!

  10. Yafah says:

    This info should be put in a book. It’s well documented to back up your antithesis. Well done John

  11. Anonymous says:

    John, the only problem I have with any story in history that uses Greek, Babylonian, Persian, Roman, Egyptian, Britain, or American references to prove a statement is that those seven have been known to rewrite history as they see fit. The only thing those nations know about Gods chosen people is killing them, enslaving them, and most recently claiming to be them. Claiming Israel as theirs with a flag that is blasphemous and has nothing to do with King David, the Zionist pagan symbol is in honor of their god moloch. Their satanist roots can be traced from Israel back to her mother, Ancient Babylon. Have you ever took a close look at the pope and the Vatican? How it’s arrayed in scarlet and purple color, decked in gold, precious stones, and pearls? How the pope carries a golden cup in his hand. He wears a crown of some sort, fishlike in appearance, and as Israels satanic flag it too portrays the symbol of moloch, which as well happens to be the Rothschilds family symbol. A lot can change in 1260 years!
    “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan.” -Revelation 2:9

    • Ariel says:

      The twelve tribes are not countries but people groups who today are mixed in Nations and countries. Just like how native Americans, African and European are mixed within their own nations so are the twelve tribes due to war, slavery intermarriage, migration etc.

    • But, leading from your comment, nigger, asiatic and Jew histoty can be “trusted”?

  12. Mein Kampff says:

    racist drivel

  13. Tony says:

    are/were white or Black people is totally unscriptural, erroneous and has no scriptural validity. The Idea is total bigotry. European orthodoxy doesn’t ascribe to this and so does African Judaism/hebrewism. This idea ballooned by Herbert Armstrong who was racist. The twelve tribes are descendant of Shem not Japheth. In Genesis it said that a mixed people came out of Egypt. The scattered tribe today phenotypically in varied skin colour. Therefore white, Asian, Black etc. Moses, Joseph, king David’s wife Bathsheba were more of a dark skin. At the Day of Pentecost people from all over North Africa shows up…to the fest.
    Ethiopia and Egypt are mentioned in the Bible more than any European countries and Hebrew is not a an European Language. The two largest tribe Manasseh and Ephraim were born and raised in Africa. So if Armstrong was correct America and Manasseh whom he claimed to be Ephraim and Mannesiah are Africans. Why don’t we do the genetic test and see….
    In additional Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldees in today’s Iraq. One of the first convert in the New testament was the Ethiopian Eunuch (prince) Whom Philip the evangelist led to Christ. Yes Peter Led Cornelius(Gentile to Christ). The Ethiopian Eunuch was not referred to as a Gentile.

    • No, cultural Marxism dictates that in the last 100 years Europeans must ignore the realities of race you filthy communist.

      • Christine says:

        The Enosh were wicked and are so spoken of. Deuteronomy 13:13 warns, “Certain Enosh, the children of Belial, are gone out from among you and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, saying, Let us go and worship other gods, which ye have not known.” When they gain power, they are brutal oppressors. Psalm 10:17-18 tells us, “Yahweh thou hast heard the desire of the humble: Thou wilt prepare their hearts, Thou wilt cause Thine ear to hear: to judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the Enosh of earth may no more oppress.” The Enosh have no spiritual understanding, that is the reason for their continual wickedness. Proverbs 28:5 says, “Evil Enosh understand not judgment: but they that seek Yahweh understand all things.” This distinction is still in effect today. Daniel 12:10, speaking of the time of the end which is our own time states, “None of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

        • Christine says:

          Because of the spiritual understanding which Yahweh put in the Awdawm, today the white race has the highest civilization, greatest freedom, and the highest standard of living in the world. They are the so-called have nations. We have not hated the other races, we have tried to help them, to show them our ways, in spite of all this, all of them have hated us. In the centuries when we were very few against their many, they repeatedly tried to conquer and destroy us. Yahweh’s watchful care over His people didn’t allow this to happen, although several times they came dangerously close to success.

          • gypsy tinkler hevrew says:

            Here cartoon diagrams are only a visual guide for chimpanzees from Germany like you to misunderstand what it means by skin hadn’t whitened. You stupid racist Nazi scum hun.

      • dal riata gypsy tinker jew says:

        Sons and daughters of Saxons ain’t nothing but hairy hun Nazi chimpanzees with a rabid white Anglo protestant superiority complex. The study also notes that there are two genetic groupings in Northern Ireland: one of which also contains individuals across the sea in western Scotland and the Highlands; the other contains individuals in southern Scotland and southern England.

        The former appears to reflect the kingdom of Dalriada 1,500 years ago; the other probably represents the settlers of the Ulster Plantations. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-31905764

        • Christine says:

          Bet u live in a white country, u pre adamites follow whitey wherever he goes why is that? Only whites fulfil Scriptural truth hallaluYah now run along gypsy your name says it all.

          • Dal riata hebrew says:

            I don’t live in any ‘white’ country if hunter gatherers had unwhitened skin as recently as 7,000 years ago you stupid ignorant vile brainwashed racist Nazi scum Hun. Dna and blood types and groups were a wonderful invention and have obliterated the vile white Anglo Saxon Protestantism you have been infected with.

            • Christine says:

              Yeah I bet blah blah blah same drivel diff hater, very ‘racist’ against white people aren’t ya? 😳 what are ay a kike or a negro?

            • Dal riata hebrew says:

              I’ m Scots Irish with Dal Riata Dna. I’ll speak to anyway I choose ya vile evil racist nazi Orc

          • deleted says:

            Shows your ignorance and false teaching you teach and have been taught , when you landed here black man was here thousands if years before , you know that and so do I

        • Christine says:

          OHhhhh A traitor to your own people! A brainwashed self native liberal lemming scumbag! U are truly sickening! racist, nazi blah blah JOO babble to silence the truth, but u won’t , seek truth it will set u free.

          • Christine says:


          • dal riata tinkler says:

            I’ve got no idea who or what you are and you refer to groups with vile terms and I’m supposed to be somehow part of your ‘people’. You want to go and do something constructive with your life cos your no right in the head mrs.

            • Christine says:

              I would say the same thing to u no liberal self hating lemming is right in the head, u sit back and happily applaud your destruction, your country is being overrun by aliens and u don’t give a hoot. Who’s ‘not right in the head’???

            • dal riata tinker says:

              Nobody is destroying ‘me’ and what sort of aliens are you referring to? Wee green men in flying saucers. You have one hell of a shitty life mrs if you actually believe those things and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself if you think its acceptable to refer to your fellow human beings as kikes and niggers while wrapping yourself in Christ’s cross because I can assure you if you keep on behaving in that hateful fashion you are the last person that will be getting near to God in the next life.

            • dal riata gypsy tinkler servant of Christ says:

              I already know what ‘real’ Brits looked like mrs so perhaps you ‘white’ aliens should take yourself back to Germany or Afghanistan and get yourself a blood test and see if its got a + or – at the end of it before you mouth off your white Anglo Saxon protestant garbage at me – And aw the brave M’Craas are coming.
              There was great diversity in the faces of the circle around us: Some were as black and wild in their appearance as any American savages whatever. One woman was as comely almost as the figure of Sappho, as we see it painted. http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/travellers/Boswell/7

  14. pacman925 says:

    Reblogged this on rogerpack and commented:
    Much enjoyed – Great & Useful Article !

  15. Where is your Y-DNA evidence: where as the Saxon are mostly R1b – Japhethic Y male DNA and your Jews are of the J* and have always been lower percentiles – so the “Lost Tribes are which Y-DNA?’

  16. Kemble Lee says:

    agree, the chosen ppl are not the murderous white ppl of israel today. they were ppl of colour scattered around the earth and in the places of his enemy as the bible stated. the ones who would be slaves. present israelites are not the real jews. this is another one of history’s sham in the workings.

  17. Anonymous says:

    All of you above have been mislead by Satan.

  18. Bob says:

    Thank you. It is very hard to find real help with the word of GOD.
    I study at least 1 hour a day word by word and chapter by chapter. There is a lot of deception on line. This was very edifying

  19. tinkler gypsy hebrew says:

    I’m no sure if Oliver Cromwell and Hanoverian red coats were working on behalf of Satan or Dutch ‘white’ banker Jews in Amsterdam or British/German royals with dubious ‘bastard’ ancestory. I think it was a combination of all those ‘white’ Anglo Saxon Protestant traits myself —- https://youtu.be/fSDfz3qV9vI

  20. This article is far from the truth! The tribe of Judah is not comprised of Jews at all. A member of the tribe of Judah is called a judahite. Also paul was a liar and contradicts himself in his own writings and teaches contrary to what yeshua teaches.he wasn’t a apostle at all Matthias was called after judas commited suicide not paul. He made up the story of meeting yeshua just like Joseph smith or Ellen white.

  21. dal riata gypsy tinkler servant of Christ says:

    Scotland’s Highland Clearances-Big Chief McCraa Black Tinkler-Gypsy Jew racial/cultural genocide. https://youtu.be/fSDfz3qV9vI

  22. Anonymous says:

    you people are so lost

  23. Anonymous says:

    So much hate in the comments God never said that all the tribes where the same skin color he just said they where his chosen people! How do we not now that some of the tribes where black and white! There are two sets of minorities in the world one being the black negros and the other being white people! Are any of you God I thank not but you all are sure throwing a lot of stones at someone who could very well be your brothers! And if you look around any one who lives in America is a modern day slave! Everyone has an illusion of freedom! So if you want the truth and ask The one true God of Isreal! He holds all the answersame be patient hold your tongue and ask with a open and pure heart!

    • Solja C says:

      The history of the Israelite nation began in Egypt, the land of Ham. They entered Egypt 66 in number, (not including Joseph, his wife and two sons who were already in Egypt), and left numbering over two million people. Ancient Israel spent 430 years in Egypt. For half that time they enjoyed good favor with the Egyptians, but for the remainder of those years they were enslaved and horribly mistreated by them.

      Ham was one of Noah’s three sons, Shem and Japheth were the other two. Noah’s descendants repopulated the earth after the Great Flood. Ham’s descendants are traced to the families of Africa.  Ham (Khawm) in Hebrew means BLACK, HOT AND BURNT.
      Ham had four sons,

      1.  CUSH (Ethiopians / Cushites & Nubians),
      2.  MIZRAIM (Egyptians / Khemet),
      3.  PHUT (Ancient Libyans or Somalia),
      4.  CANAAN (Canaanite, the original inhabitants of the land of Israel) genesis 10:6-19.

      All four of Ham’s sons and their descendants settled in and around the continent of Africa, this includes the so called Middle East which is also a part of the Continent of Africa.  Ham sons are the people of the African continent, the Ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Somalia’s, Canaanites etc.

      The Israelites are descendants of Noah son SHEM, through Abraham, he is the father of the Hebrew Israelite Nation.  Abraham is the father of Isaac, Isaac is the father of Jacob, Jacob had twelve sons and these sons are the progenitors of the Israelite nation.  The Twelve tribes of Israel are as follows:

      REUBEN                  GAD               
      SIMEON                 ASHER
      LEVI                        NAPHILTI
      JUDAH                   ISSACHAR
      ZEBULON               JOSEPH
      DAN                       BENJAMIN

      Each one of Jacob’s sons became a tribal nation, that made up the greater nation of Israel.  EXAMPLE:  Reuben’s descendants became known as the tribe of Reuben.  Judah’s descendants became known as the tribe of Judah and so on and so forth.  The nation of Israel are the descendants of Jacob who had his name changed to Israel by the Most High (Gen 28:32). No one here is God but his word and real history speaks clear of this

      • Solja C says:

        If you know the story of Moses,as a child,he was a Hebrew child but couldn’t be told apart in appearance amongst the Egyptians..Here is what well respected and intelligent writers and explorers had to say of the Egyptians:

        Gerald Massey, English writer and author of the book, Egypt the Light of the World, wrote, “The dignity is so ancient that the insignia of the Pharaoh evidently belonged to the time when Egyptians wore nothing but the girdle of the Negro.” (p 251)

        Sir Richard Francis Burton, a 19th century English explorer, writer and linguist in 1883 wrote to Gerald Massey, “You are quite right about the “AFRICAN” origin of the Egyptians. I have 100 human skulls to prove it.”

        Scientist, R. T. Prittchett, states in his book The Natural History of Man, “In their complex and many of the complexions and in physical peculiarities the Egyptians were an “AFRICAN” race (p 124-125).

        The Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in the 5th century B.C.E., saw the Egyptians face to face and described them as black-skinned with woolly hair.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Solja C, Why don’t you people ever act act like you have any dignity then? You cannot blame some other Race of people for why you lost any………. um LMWAOROTF “Dignity” Okay? Get the fuck out of here and go back to your dignified Egypt and go worship your little Baal. Okay? You and your little kike friend “Gypsy Tinker Puke” You are both cursed and going to hell so go live in your little hell place and Speaking of egypt? Don’t you guys all know Isis too? Sure blame the muslims however, would never call their organization Isis being a false pagan god and they wouldn’t be killing Christians only. It really isn’t hard to figure out who Isis really is! That’s a babylonian god. People are waking up all over the world and on to your bullshit! Most importantly, God knows! Talmudic kikes practice kabalah and Isis being one of their gods. Read Revelation chapter 2! Those who say they are Jews are not! They are of the Synagog of Satan! So are their Synagogs still today? Who are the ONLY people who go to Synagogs? The Jews!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        So Noah’s so Japheth just simply doesn’t count huh? Did you know where the name Saxon( White People) comes from? It comes from the word Isaac’s son! Who was Isaac? The Father of Jacob. Since you claim to read the bible you will see that Rebekkah had 2 separate and distinct nations growing in her. God said that to her and then said “For Jacob i have loved and Esau I have hated” Esau is the father of the edomites. aka JEW! The sons of shem and the true semites are the arabic peoples. They are also descendant of Abraham, like Isaac’s are. That is the truth. God destroyed the wickedness in the world with the great flood and started over with someone from every race and every animal also. Ham had a black wife named Egyptus.

  24. gypsy tinker jacobite says:

    White Anglo Saxon protestant Israelite’s way off the mark – The highest percentage of people with rh- blood is found in the Atlas mountains of Morocco(40%). The next highest are the Basques, reported in different publications as having 25 and 32%, depending on location. The people of northwest Ireland, the Highland Scots and the western islanders of Norway all have between 16 and 25%, while the Lapps of Norway and Finland have between 5 and 7%. http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=2146411686

  25. scotland's gypsy tinkler jews says:

    How did the ‘gypsies’ in Scotland get the idea that there were ‘Jews’ living there? Because they didn’t have an internet connection in their caravans ! “When Scotland Was Jewish – customer book review – “The ‘big lie’ (as my people called it) was introducing sheep into the cleared regions as a sound economic move. It was an excuse to clear the land of Jews and Gypsies with their Sinclair (tincaird) culture and language; much of it disguised in the langauge of Eden (Gaelic). Scotland to this day has a strong Jewish connection which can be found in most skills and ‘smiths.’ It is also safe to say that most of Europe and the UK would witness a strong Semitic infuence in most towns and cities throughout time. On another point when the Romans discovered tin around Cornwall over two thousand years ago they named the area Dan Mines.Tinsmiths in those days would no doubt have been important weaponers. Their handiwork can be seen in archeology finds as short double edged swords and pikes. Jewellery begins with ‘jew’ and that is because they invented such adornments and had skills in precious stones and metals. Pearls fishing came from the warm waters of the Med. These skilled fishers would emerge in both Scottish and Irish Travellers and introduced to the UK by the Romans. There is much to celebrate both the Scottish Gypsy and Jew of old so thank you Dr. Hirschman and Dr Yates for all your hard work in compiling this book; maps, DNA evidence, place names and lots more info which had me mulling over the book into the wee small hours. I know this work would be an asset in schools and universities. I look forward to paper back version, cheaper and available to a wider public. Seriously need to know our history.great read!!”


  26. biggus dickus can't find Jerusalem says:

    The ten tribes of Israel disappear along with the city/insignificant wee town that was Jerusalem. The Anglo Saxon’s must have stole it and gave Constantine and his mother the tip where to find it when they had to send ‘pilgrims’ to the ‘ Holy Land’ !

    ” Eusebius, for his part, claimed that the name of the city had been almost lost in the Roman world. To back up his assertion, he recorded the case of a magistrate in Caesarea who did not know of the location of Jerusalem. It should not be surprising, however, that a magistrate, who was most likely a pagan, lacked knowledge of an insignificant town in the hinterland. Besides, it had been called Aelia Capitolina by the Romans since 130 when Hadrian had decreed to rebuild the city, sparking the Bar Kokhba revolt. http://www.vision.org/visionmedia/history-jerusalem-center-of-the-world/620.aspx

  27. Very good point! only one error The Gentiles were of Asian, Indian and aboriginals features. However, Edom is the progenitor of the caucasian race. For they are the only one without an heritance and has conquered every land by the sword while enslaving the inhabitants. Even the Russia is full of Asian people and the rest of Ukraine. Malachi 1:2&3 will tell you the truth, Genesis 25:25, Hebrews 12: 16&17,Ezekiel 35:1-12 speaks of them enslaving and putting Israel to the sword because of envy and hatred during slavery in the north American continent. Genesis 27:40 speak of the edomites living by the sword. Genesis 36:15, 19 &31 tells you that only Edomites had duke’s and every European country has duke. Want more truth. The edomite bloodline put every race into slavery and to the sword and take their land and called it theirs. Let’s see Africa and Israel belong to the blacks, middle east to the arabs and Europe and Asia to the Asian, Indians and aboriginals people. I wonder where god gave the Caucasian their inheritance ! oh thats right he gave them none even though they sought it carefully with tears. Oh yes their mountains lay bare and desolate. A dragon wilderness.

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