I’m John The Baptist?

I was called by Yeshua in July of 2011. I believe this to be the start of the tribulation. I don’t want to sound proud of boastful, but I am quite certain that I am one of the witnesses of Revelation (John the Baptist).  See this post

I’ve been getting nightly dreams, some very interesting, some prophetic, some scary, since becoming a Christian. Most of them are tests or chastisements, but some of them have very relevant information that will be useful to those who have ears to hear. I will post many of these dreams as well as my own speculations and theories about Biblical Prophecy. Some of my speculation, that is not confirmed by God through dreams, is probably wrong, so do your own due diligence. I’ve only been a Christian for a relatively short period of time, so if you see any mistakes a correction would be appreciated.

I will be helping you fill your lamps (heads) with oil (wisdom).

“My people die from lack of wisdom” Hosea 4:6

Parable of the 10 virgins

“At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten young bridesmaids who took their lamps and went out to meet the groom. 2 Now five of them were wise, and the other five were foolish. 3 The foolish ones took their lamps but didn’t bring oil for them. 4But the wise ones took their lamps and also brought containers of oil.

 5 “When the groom was late in coming, they all became drowsy and went to sleep. 6 But at midnight there was a cry, ‘Look, the groom! Come out to meet him.’

 7 “Then all those bridesmaids got up and prepared their lamps. 8 But the foolish bridesmaids said to the wise ones, ‘Give us some of your oil, because our lamps have gone out.’

 9 “But the wise bridesmaids replied, ‘No, because if we share with you, there won’t be enough for our lamps and yours. We have a better idea. You go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’ 10 But while they were gone to buy oil, the groom came. Those who were ready went with him into the wedding. Then the door was shut.

 11 “Later the other bridesmaids came and said, ‘Lord, lord, open the door for us.’
12 “But he replied, ‘I tell you the truth, I don’t know you.’
13 “Therefore keep alert because you don’t know the day or the hour.

Contact: Johnthewitness@mail.com though comments here will be read much sooner

“All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”   Matthew 20:22

35 Responses to I’m John The Baptist?

  1. helper says:


    do you know of the mahdi, and Issa in end times from islamic view ?
    compare to the biblical antichrist and false prophet! it will only enlighten you more..

  2. James says:

    I do believe you are called to be a watchman. I do not believe you are one of the two witnesses. I do like your blogs, you speak the truth. There are many watchman, it is an honor always to meet more of my fellow watchmen. Are you familiar with Steve Quail, Omega Man, Lynn Marzulli, Michael Heiser, or Alien Resistance Ministries? All are very good watchmen.

    • Big fan of Steve Quail and Lynn Marzulli. I will check out the rest when I have time.

      Apologies for taking so long to reply to this. I usually just approve comments and forget to actually read them.

      Take care

  3. Daniel b says:

    In http://www.christianidentityrevealed2012,com the lost tribes of Israel are identified on maps of Europe. All of the European Christian Cultures are Christ’s followers. We began following him after he sent his apostles to preach to us. The cultures of Europe are of Latin, Germanic and Slavic descent. These are the sons of Leah/Catholics, Rachel/Germanics and the handmaid’s tribes/Slavic. So the tribe of Dan, being a handmaid tribes of Bilhah, is today “regenerated” as the Orthodox Russian Slavs. Matt.19;28 You can see maps and charts identifing the twelve regenerated tribes in this second book of Daniel. I will be reading and studing your writings John. Thanks

  4. No problem, God bless and take care.

  5. Lets hear a bit more about your dreams, and some more detail on what you think means you are one of the witnesses. How do you plan to go about unleashing plagues on the earth as the witnesses will do?

  6. Hi Gabriel, the plagues and fire and so on are figurative. For example, the witnesses are said to defeat their enemies with fire from their mouths.

    Notice that Jeremiah provides the figurative interpretation:

    Therefore this is what the LORD God Almighty says: “Because the people have spoken these words, I will make my words in your mouth a fire and these people the wood it consumes.

    So fire from the mouth is representative of powerful preaching.

    Please check out this post for more information:


  7. Pete says:

    Hendrix, Jopliin, CoBLAM, and Morrison did not die on the 27th. They died at age 27.

  8. The Dude says:

    So John, what’s next for ya?

  9. JA says:

    I know you read my last message and decided not to post it. That is fine. But the least you could do is acknowledge my message and having something to say about it. You are lost, just as the rest of us are, and I hope you find peace in God and with yourself. Good luck.

  10. Ron says:

    Hi John,
    What makes you think the tribulation started in 2011? In Daniel 9:27 it (the final week of 7 years) starts with an agreement “a 7-year covenant of many.” What is your eschatology? There is no global government in place (10 regions), there are not two witnesses in Jerusalem calling down the judgments, the 3rd Temple is not built “yet” in which the antichrist takes over and stops the sacrifices at the middle of the final week. Where are you getting this from?

    You can share your dreams and beliefs but they cannot trump scripture. And the judgments called down by the two witnesses during the first half of the week are not figurative but literal as God is trying to get the attention of the world like He did Pharaoh in Exodus.

    You may respond to me in email if you like.

    • Hi please read the article titled “Ezekiel’s temple and the coutnerfeiting of the abomination of desolation” Daniel 9:27 speaks of Jesus, not the end times antichrist. I give a detailed timeline in the article.

      Also, while Daniel 9:27 does not speak of the End Times, that doesn’t mean that God isn’t using another 7 year window. The tribulation ends in 2018 (read article Israel is Mystery Babylon) 7 years from July of 2011 is July of 2018 which is roughly when the tribulation will end. Also I was called by god in 2011, 7 years from that is 2018.

      God bless.

  11. A says:

    Hi John, God our Father led me to your website 2 days ago. Many of the things you posted were confirmations to the things He has been teaching me. I am to pass something onto you. This morning while in a time of prayer, God told me “Great destruction comes. Cry for My children.” I was overcome with deep grief and rivers of tears. I wept for the lost, I wept for the Church, I wept and asked for forgiveness for our nation and for me. I wept for the blood of the children, spilled as if it were nothing. Then I hear “A great destruction comes soon. Your son is in danger.” (One of my sons lives in NYC and is not a Believer in Jesus.) I ask “What Father? How do I pray? What do I do?” And very unexpectedly I hear “November 21. Destruction comes November 21.” I was shocked into silence to hear a date. I prayed and asked Father to me merciful. To remember the faithful, though I know we deserve to be punished for our unrepented sin (believer and unbelievers). (I remember Abraham pleading with God for the faithful, if they could be found in Sodom and Gomorrah, then He would hold back His hand of judgement.) Later in the morning I was drawn again to your website. It was then that I saw the Pete and Pete clip about the Hoover Dam and the number “21”. The sign with “121” jumped out at me. Anyway, I knew God wanted me to send this to you. I have NEVER posted anything like this before…EVER. But I had to be obedient even thought it makes me feel “revealed” I guess. So thank you for being obedient to all that God is laying on your heart, mind and spirit. (even when it is not clear to you). Oh, also this morning the movie Transformers came to mind…saw it long ago…. I remember the Hoover Dam being in it. I looked up the synopsis and was shocked. Here is the short version: Autobots (led by Optimus Prime) helps humanity against the Decepticon’s (led by Megatron). They are after the Allspark (the mystical talisman that grants unlimited power). Megatron crashes and freezes long ago while searching. Man finds him and hides him “beneath the Hoover Dam”. It turns out that all modern technology was reverse-engineered from Megatron’s body and that the Allspark could give that technology life. When Megatron breaks free from cryostate under Hoover Dam he is greeted by a subordinate robot named “StarScream.” Megatron says “You have failed me, yet again, Starscream.” (he is second in command of the Decepticons.)
    OK, I don’t know if that part helps are not….I just found it interesting. I will pray that God continues to protect you and bless you as you are obedient.

  12. Ron says:

    Hi John,

    I won’t be stopping by again. You are confused and you won’t find it in Marzulli or Quayle. It is in the Bible. I heard Quayle say he spoke to Enoch back in 2009, and it wasn’t Enoch because none of what he said came true. And speaking to the dead is forbidden unless you are Catholic.

    Like Jeremiah said – your dreams don’t supercede scripture. Daniel 9:27 speaks of the antichrist unless you are amillennial and that eschatology came from Augustine the same guy who took the scriptures about the Bema seat judgment (1st Cor 3) and created purgatory and indulgences.

    You are not one of the witnesses and the tribulation hasn’t started. Try reading the first century early Church fathers so you can see how to interpet scripture. The Apostles taught them and they recorded it. Mystery Babylon is the Catholic Church and Rome – on seven hills – not Israel. And Mystery Babylon is going to be destroyed where as Israel and Jerusalem will be the center of focus for the latter days.

    I admire your zeal but I will pray for you. God’s prophets speak God’s Word and it comes true.

  13. John who do u think the antichrist is,I know for sure he is alive but the ? Is who do u think he is

    • I’m trying to figure out that right now. I had a dream earlier which stated that “I didn’t know who Obama was”. Up to that point, I had thought that he was a counterfeit antichrist that the elites want us to know is a counterfeit (elites framed innocent black man etc).

      I’m not sure what to make of the fact that God says I was wrong about that. I plan to do some research soon. Perhaps he is the prophet of the antichrist. Maybe he, indeed, is the antichrist. However, he doesn’t seem to match the Maitreya / Mahdi (antichrist) prophecies. Check back in a week ago, hopefully I will have written an article by then.

  14. 2011 was a watershed year in last days events, which I will show in a video soon to be finished, but it was not the beginning of ‘the Great Tribulation’ and neither is 2012, though from my research I’m confident it’ll begin soon, any year now as the 10 Crown Kingdom is poised to form and the 10 Kings will receive their power the same time as the Beast (the False Messiah/Anti-Christ). The sands in the hourglass are down to the last few grains and I couldn’t be anymore excited.

    • Indeed, exciting times. Notice that Revelation 11 speaks of the witnesses (2011) Rev 12:12 marks the time that Satan falls from heaven (12/21/12) Rev 13 marks the time the beast (NWO) arises (2013) Rev 18 speaks of the destruction of Mystery Babylon the Great. ezekiel 4 prophecy states that Mystery Babylon will be destroyed in 2018.

      Take care

  15. JTW, I pray you don’t really believe you are John the Baptist.

  16. Goten Son says:

    “I was called by Yeshua in July of 2011. I believe this to be the start of the tribulation. I don’t want to sound proud of boastful, but I am quite certain that I am one of the witnesses of Revelation (John the Baptist)”

    Wait a minute doesn’t the tribulation start when the Antichrist signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel? Are you sure that was Yeshua who told you all that? How do you know it wasn’t a pleiadian masquerading as Christ? After all doesn’t Satan transform himself into an angel of light?

    • Satan uses Daniel 9:27 to distort the timeline of the tribulation. Daniel 9:27 was really referring to Jesus. Read my article “Ezekiel’s Temple And The Counterfeiting Of The Abomination Of Desolation” for more info.

  17. johntiessen says:

    reading some of your posts

  18. Sad says:

    Hello! Could you please tell me who is the woman that has 12 stars above her head? Is she the European Union? And is she good or evil? Thank you in advance.

    • It’s the Christian Church I believe, though I don’t remember for sure. I’ll continue my analysis of Revelation prophecy when I get a chance. I should be able to give a better answer then.

  19. Sad says:

    Thank you. I think I understand now, even if I am not sure. The 12 stars represent the twelve apostles. Maybe The EU chose the stars to distort the truth, right? I hope you will write about the truth behind the EU, clarifying this aspect.

  20. Bill Marden says:


    I worry you are not who you say you are. The Bible gives us very clear tests for prophets, and I believe you fail a number of them from what I’ve read on your site:

    A prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. You may say to yourselves, ‘How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?’ If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously… (Deut. 18:20-22)

    But the prophet who prophesies peace will be recognized as one truly sent by the Lord only if his prediction comes true (Jeremiah 28:9)

    Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:20, 21)

    Consult God’s instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn. (Isaiah 8:20)

    I will pray for you, and your audience that you may see the truth and repent, or you “must be put to death.” (Deut.18:20). I fear for you for the judgement God will bring upon you if you do not repent.

    • God tells me that I don’t have the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, I fell into sin a ways back and haven’t been able to get out of it (blashemed the holy spirit) I believe God did this to me on purpose (caused me to fall into sin).He doesn’t want it to be too obvious that I am telling the truth because God wants people to get into heaven because of my message, not because I got 100% on all my predictions. God’s trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. For those who really know what is going on in the world (Israel is evil), they will hear my message and listen to me, despite some inaccurate predictions. For those who are zionists, they will see the fact that I have missed a couple predictions as evidence that I am a false prophet and won’t pay any attention to me. This is how God wants it to be. He will provide multiple gates through me.

      AS you will see, the job that God is giving me is really messed up. You will see why I fell into sin and why it was so hard for me to get out. God can’t prevent a prophet from blaspheming the holy spirit because all people have free will. Oh and God is sending me to hell. He is “putting me to death”. The bible states that the two witnesses will be wearing sackcloth (symbolic of grief and mourning). I think I definitely fit that description.

      • Bill Marden says:

        I think you are just confusing messages from the devil with messages from God. You are exactly what the Bible warns of, not who it prophesies about. There is always time and opportunity to repent, until our Lord returns that is.

      • Ben says:

        John you are in error my friend. Your words speak deceit. Repent and turn away from Satan.

  21. WonderousWorksFlowNaturallyFromFaith says:

    Prophets, including John of Patmos, tell people to get back on the narrow path of righteousness, they don’t unravel banal plots and complex symbols or simply tell future events. As history tells, many Christian heresies plagued the Primitive Church, which itself was persecuted by pagan Rome. The tribulation is over, the labor pains of His Church completed. We face only “Gog and Magog”, and path is clear. Never deny all the good you do is in His name, and be a good boy. We could be in outer space colonies across the universe before the Last Day, or in mud huts on a nuclear blasted Earth. No one knows, not the Son, only the Father.

    You don’t need to be “john the witness” to be a light of God in the world, you can just be “John”. The internet is full of people who have been seduced by such visions, but know that the serpent is the most of cunning and naked of all the beasts in the field. All this confusion can be over if you let it go, its not what you were meant to be.

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