The Reason The Illuminati Uses Rainbow Symbolism With False Flag Terrorist Attacks

Within this post, I will show you why the Illuminati uses rainbow symbolism with upcoming false flag terrorist attacks. I learned this from a dream I had recently. First, here is just some of the rainbow symbolism we have uncovered about upcoming false flag terrorist attacks:

circus false flag rainbow symbolism Lady Gaga false flag terrorist attack hoover dam false flag vegas vacation

niagara falls false flag terrorist attack

false flag terrorist attack st patrick's day parade illuminati false flag hollywood hoover dam false flag vegas vacation

stratford station rainbow symbolism false flag london underground Rainbow Symbolism Ke$ha False Flag DIA new world order rainbow symbolism rainbow DIA Denver International Airport symbolism false flag

As many know, the 2012 London Olympics mascots were one-eyed. Rainbow symbolism was associated with them:

Illuminati Olympics symbolism, illuminati rainbow symbolism, illuminati rainbow olympics, london olympics illuminati, london olympics false flag, london olympics terrorist attack

One of the Illuminati’s symbols is the triangle / pyramid. Prisms are traditionally shaped as triangular or in pyramid form. Light is sent through a prism and is broken up into it’s constituent spectral colors, the colors of the rainbow. This is why the Illuminati uses rainbow symbolism:

rainbow pyramid symbolism illuminati prism light

Satan used Pink Floyd to allude to this:

pink floyd dark side of the moon

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon syncs up with The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz is an Illuminati propaganda film which I will cover shortly as well as its Somewhere Over the Rainbow song.

By associating rainbows with upcoming false flag terrorist attacks, Satan knows that conspiracy theorists will link the rainbow symbolism with the Illuminati. This benefits Satan because, while giving the appearance that Satan wants these attacks to be blamed on ┬áMuslims, he really wants them to be blamed on the Illuminati. Islam is the basis for Satan’s End Times religion. By leaving all of this Illuminati and rainbow symbolism associated with these false flag terrorist attacks, Satan helps people come to the conclusion that the Muslims are innocent victims of the Illuminati; this has the effect of elevating Islam and demonizing Christianity since the Satanic Jews use Christians to fight the Muslims.

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